Mums top tip to save money on your kids next birthday party

Create your own party invitations using these cool free templates.

We all know how expensive birthdays, christenings or even weddings invitations can be. Almost four years ago I spent roughly thirty quid on invitations for one of my children's party invitations and the same again for a christening a few weeks later. You'd swear I was made of money. 
Last year I came across the website Canva and well, to date I've easily saved a hundred quid or more. It takes a bit of patience and of course a smartphone or laptop and a printer. Once signed up Canva has hundreds of free templates to choose from and editing is so simple. You can change the colour, fonts and even move graphics around as you please. Or if you're feeling a little creative you can start from scratch and completely build your own invitation.
Some of the other templates include First Communion, baby showers, anniversaries and even divorce parties. Who knew divorce parties were even a thing?

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