I have become a better boss since becoming a parent and here's why

There are so many skills that cross over between work and being a mum

Parenting teaches people lot of skills and some that can be used in the workplace. Though you may not be aware being a parent can make you a better boss for many reasons. It seems parenting and work are more closely linked than you thought…
You have empathy- Parents have empathy in ample amounts because they feel for their kids and their little problems. Bringing empathy into a work place will help you to connect with your staff. Many team members will face private issues and being empathic will build trust amongst your crew leading them to respect you more. 
You are a great negotiator- Being a boss takes a lot of negotiation as not everyone will agree with you. However, a parent will be a master after negotiating their child away from a chocolate bar before a tantrum ensues! You will know how to work people and analyse their body language giving you an advantage across the board tables. 
You can be a brilliant multi-tasker- Any parent does not want to waste time as they have so little of it. You will work quickly and get your team to follow suit. Juggling meetings, audits and budgets are easy compared to the madness at home. 
You can be strict but fair- Being strict is a vital part of parenting but also being open to discussing so it works both ways. You may not always agree with their work colleagues but you will give them the time to put their point across and deliberate it. 
You learn how to motivate people- Motivating kids isn’t the easiest thing in the world. The nippers don’t want to make beds, eat properly at the table or behave at times but you must learn to motivate them. The same goes for your team, they may not want to do things and everyone has a bad day so you will get them going and promote a great working environment to get the work done. 
You are a good listener- Parents listen well, they have the skills to hear what their kids are saying and this too, is true for a good boss. You must listen to your team at times and hear their side before deciding what action to take. 
You can discipline- Parents naturally discipline their kids but being a boss also means there may be times that you must discipline your members of staff. It isn’t the nicest thing in the world but it should be done and by you in a calm and collected manner. There are legal ways to go about such moves and you must adhere to all the regulations. 
You can have fun too- Being a boss takes load of seriousness but there are times when you should make work fun and have a laugh. It makes you more relatable and approachable if anything. Kids need fun sometimes too and parenting is a mix of fun and sternness. Getting the balance right is key. 

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