Confessions of a working mother...

Don't pity me... I choose to work!

When people hear I am a working mother I often get those pity looks as if to mean… poor woman having to work with a young family. 
The truth is I choose to work. I like my job, in fact I even enjoy my job.  I studied Business and Economics at Trinity College and went on to become an accountant that was over 10 years ago.  Since then I have married an amazing man – a fantastic husband and a loving father and had two beautiful boys now aged 3 and the youngest is 4 months. Being a working mother isn’t easy, it has many challenges, it has good days and bad days.
The key is to be organised and I mean super organised, I have lists about lists! 
I set out every evening for the following day, from clothes for myself and the boys, to tasks right down to the breakfast dishes for the following morning. Appointments are scheduled well in advance, diaries are synced. Being organised makes it a whole lot easier as too does having a great support network around you. I am lucky to be able to have both. Of course I do feel the so called “Mummy guilt” being away from my children, however I make the most of the evenings, the weekends, the holidays. Once I come in the door everything else can wait, that time is time with the boys, the same goes for the weekends.
Growing up with working parents instilled a very strong work ethic in all three of us, we all went on to professional careers. 
Becoming a mother shouldn’t mean a switch goes off and you sacrifice the hopes and dreams you once had, you may have to take a different path but you can still get there in the end.  I know I haven’t given up the goals and career aspirations I have set for myself.  I do however accept that it will take a lot longer to get there but that is absolutely fine.  The road may be longer but taking my boys on the journey with me makes it all worthwhile.
Being a working mother isn’t for everybody,  for now at least I feel it is for me, as there is some grain of truth in the old saying – “Happy mother, happy child”.
Kindly submitted by The Mamma Fairy. This blog is an honest depiction of the trials and tribulations of motherhood, and Laura Breslin (The Mamma Fairy herself) manages to convey both the ups and downs parts in a funny and relatable way.
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