Will Short Hair Suit You?

If you have a pencil and a ruler - you can find out in seconds!

There's a legion of celebs recently liberating their locks with crops, bobs, and lobs.
Short hair seems to be getting more popular than ever before.I have long brown hair and for the past few months I've been asking my family and friends "do you think short hair will suit me?" I've had varying yes/no/maybe's and as I was still undecided I thought I'd do a little research!
So I googled: "How can I tell if short hair will suit me". (I really did!) Turns out, the question actually has a very short answer: The 2.25" (5.5 cm) rule.
This golden rule measurement was discovered by hairstyle trendsetter John Frieda. "It's all about the angles" says Giles Robinson, senior stylist at John Frieda Salons UK. 
"John studied faces and saw that the angle of the jaw bone determined whether or not someone would look best with short hair or long hair."
The result is a trusted, easy but exact, measurement that indicates whether a face (any face) is suited to short or long hair. So away with you and your ruler and go measure!
PS - I failed the test! I may stick with my long hair for now!


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