What to pack for day surgery

It might look like a long list, but it it all fits in a carry bag.

Going in to hospital for a day surgery appointment is a little daunting, let's be honest. 
Your letter arrives with the appointment for your day surgery that usually details; where to go and at what time, what time you are allowed to eat and drink until and a mention of bringing a nightgown, slippers and that's pretty much it!
You might be wondering what else you should take with you. I know I did when I went in for a proceedure last week! So I've put together a list of items I found useful for my day in the ward.
It might look like a long list, but it it all fits in a carry bag. These items will also see you through your first 24 hours in hospital, just in case in the unlikely event that you need to be admitted. But please don’t worry about this, the idea is that you are prepared, but you are not expecting to be admitted.
Here is my list:
  • Your letter – keep it in a handy spot so you don't have to empty your bag in reception upon checking in!
  • A nightgown – you'll likely be given a hospital gown that ties at the back, so a night gown will keep you modest (at the back!) It also serves as an extra layer for warmth.
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes for your journey home – you will be a bit woozy so pack clothes that are easy to put on: a tracksuit, loose fitting jeans and a t-shirt for example. Shoes wise, trainers or pumps are all good options. If you think that a part of your body will be sore after surgery, then think about clothes that will be easy to get on with limited mobility in that area.
  • Fresh underwear.
  • Slippers (if you happen to be in a spa anytime, grab a pair of the disposable white ones -  they are very handy for a hospital stay as you can dispose of them afterwards!)
  • Any medication you are on – even if you don’t expect to need it, you never know how long you will be in. And your prescription to give to the doctor who is admitting you so they are aware of all of your meds.
  • Mints - these are is a great way to freshen your mouth after your procedure.
  • Toiletry bag with: shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, moisturiser, facial cleanser/wipes, deodorant, toothbrush, tooth paste, hair brush, and hair band – If you collect those little sachets from hotels, they are indeal. Again this is just in case you stay a little longer than expected.
  • Lip balm, because your lips can dry out in hospital.
  • Glasses case, or contact lens if we wear them.
  • A good book or a magazine.
  • Charged mobile phone loaded with your favourite music and earphones! 
  • Some cash - only take in a small amount, but enough to get you by if needed.
  • Some snacks and a drink – After your proceedure you'll get tea, toast and perhaps a biscuit, but in case you're starving from the fasting, it's good to have something packed yourself. 
So there we are! 
If you have your day surgery soon, I wish you the best of luck. If you've anything to add, let us know!

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