Want Better Skin While You Sleep? Here's how in 5 handy tips and they are very easy!

If you want fresher, more beautiful skin - you can do it while you sleep. Zzzzz....

If you want fresher, more beautiful skin - you can do it while you sleep. Zzzzz....
Clean Face
There’s nothing nicer than going to bed with a fresh clean face. Take the time to remove all of your eye make-up. Ideally use eye make-up remover, but failing that use a tiny drop of your kids baby shampoo on a damp face towel and gentle wipe it over your lids and rinse it off. If you’re waking up with not so nice eye gunk in the morning’s – chances are you’re not removing your eye make-up entirely.
Hydrate while you sleep!

Without a doubt the best thing you can do for your face at night is run a humidifier in your bedroom. You’re hydrating your skin while you get your zzz’s.

Lather It On

Invest in a good moisturiser and lather it on after you’ve washed your face with water. Look out for one containing hyaluronic acid- this is a potent natural humectant that helps your skin hold water so it looks smoother in the morning.

Less Booze, Less Salt
Cut down on salt and alcohol. As a result the puffiness around your eyes will be less evident when you wake up. Alcohol dehydrates your skin and to make up for this it starts collecting natural fluids around the eyes. That’s mostly the reason you look worse for wear after a night indulging. If you do indulge, drink as much water as you can to rehydrate- for your skin and not just your head! Another great tip is to sleep on two pillows to help pre-empt the puffy eyes.
Snooze Your Face Slim
Getting good sleep can help cut the bad food cravings, resulting in a slimmer face, neck and body!

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