Tips to keep your cool when you think you’re going to lose your shit

We get it, you’re running late, you have had barely any sleep...

We get it, you’re running late, you have had barely any sleep and the kids are doing the complete opposite of what you have asked. In a split second, you have turned into the parent you never thought you would be and you are losing your cool. Understandably. Raising little ones can be challenging. But it doesn’t have to be this way.
Here are some tips to keep your cool when you think you’re going to lose your shit:
  • Parent like somebody is watching. Seriously. You will see a big difference in how you act. You will follow all the “parent rules” like consistency, calmness, fairness and most of all following through. All the ones we know we really should be following anyway!
  • Pretend your kids aren’t your kids. And we don’t just mean when they are throwing a tantrum in the playground. If you were their teacher and not their parent how would you react? Or if this was your friend or family members child would you react any differently?
  • Be the teacher and not the rule enforcer. Show your little one what you expect from them and explain why? Try to lead by example too. If they see you losing it, how do you think they will react to a stressful situation?
  • Get enough rest. Our little ones are cranky when they are tired. Works exactly the same for parents!
  • Exercise, a personal favourite. When you need to get your stress and frustrations out, working them out is a great way. Exercise is a great stress reliever. Plus, it sets a great example for your little ones too. 
  • Don’t get into a back and forth argument with them. It only escalates things and it never ends well. Trust me. 
  • Be consistent. This is the most important one of all for me. It is huge for your little ones. They need to know what to expect from you. Whether it is how you act when you’re stressed or how they will be punished if they misbehave. Consistency is key.
  • Above all else remember just to be kind. And to be firm but fair. Remember your children are watching your every move, learning from you and mimicking you. Be the parent you want your little ones to be when they have kids. You are a fantastic parent (you have read this far!!) let them see that part of you.  

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