Tips on keeping your little one safe at home.

As parents it is out responsibility to keep our kids safe in their home

Once your child is up and motoring parents must act fast to ensure their child’s safety in the home. Toddlers will move fast and they are incredibly inquisitive which puts them at risk of harming themselves through what they believe to be “playing.” Luckily there are many household safety devices available which will prevent any accidents and there are many ways you can keep your child safe in the home. Here are a few tips and while there are probably many more to add this is a good starting point for parents.
  • Safety guards for everything- Your house may look like a prison but believe me when I say these safety guards are worth it! Stair gates are a household staple in a home with a youngster, and consider putting some on the kitchen door, living room or even a bedroom to ensure your child will stay where they are meant to. Fire guards are vital especially in the winter months and there are safety latches for the fridges, freezers and cupboards. Purchasing some door stoppers are also a good buy as many children trap fingers in doors and this will mean a trip to Accident and Emergency.
  • Lock windows and doors at all times- Never take anything to chance in regards to your kiddies safety. Sure, he may never go near the front door but there is always a first time for everything, the same goes for windows however out of reach they seem, they are a threat. A few locks are cheap enough to buy and there is no price for piece of mind. In the summer when windows are left open you must ensure doors are kept locked, especially bedroom windows and this is where your safety gates will help so the more the merrier.
  • Put ornaments or anything breakable away from little hands- A child will not mean to smash ornaments but it happens in a flash and it could cause some nasty cuts. Best to pop everything breakable away till your child grows up a bit more.
  • Make your home a play den- When kids are young it will save you a lot of hassle if you make your home a kids play den as such. Forget your show home aspirations and accept while your nippers are young the best thing a house can be is safe. The living room can be covered in play mats, toys and games but at least you can rest easy knowing no harm will come of your child in the rooms they spend most of their time in.
  • Leave your child when they are safely secured in a chair or playpen- If you need to leave your child to go to the loo or what not ensure your kiddie is safely secured in a high chair or in their play pen.
  • Put away detergents and all other cleaning agents- Nothing should be left down low for your child to access ever!
  • Don’t leave anything to chance- If your child is jumping out of their cot consider popping them into a toddler bed and making their room completely child friendly with a gate on the door to prevent them escaping. You could also place cushions around their bed in the case of falling and ensure all drawers or units are tightly secured to the walls. Better still leave the room somewhat empty with a few toys and play mats.
  • Learn CPR and basic first aid- As a parent knowing CPR or first aid is never a waste of time. There are plenty of first aid classes and they should give you some self-confidence if the time comes that you need to use your skills on your child or someone else’s.
  • Have a fire extinguisher, fire alarms and a carbon monoxide alarm- Alarms are vital in any home and ensure they have all working batteries too. 
  • Be aware of potential risks- Do a home check every week securing things away and ensuring the house is safe for your nipper to run around freely.
  • Keep the garden clear of any tools or gardening equipment- Gardens are great fun for kids but they too have their risks and must be treated as such. Put away all equipment, if mowing the lawn consider leaving your nipper inside unless there is another adult present to help care for your child. Lock sheds, get door stoppers and secure your garden in case your child wants to run next door!
Be safe always.

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