Tips for Tackling Exhaustion

Feeling constantly exhausted is one of the hardest parts of being a new parent

I think everyone would agree that feeling constantly exhausted is the hardest part of being a new parent however not everyone would agree on the solution. Here’s a few things to keep in mind:

Let your partner help
It’s easy to feel that mum’s know best but we have to remember that dad’s do brilliantly too! Practice makes perfect so if you both get lots of practice in then you can be perfect together!
Fresh air will make you feel more awake
Nothing beats sleep for giving you energy however a quick stroll around the block will make you feel more refreshed. Sometimes being in a stuffy environment can make us feel worse than we should.
When your baby sleeps – do whatever you want!
Some people will say sleep some people will say catch up on the chores but you do not want to waste time deliberating what other people think, do whatever your instincts are telling you to do.
Comfort food does help – the diet can wait
When you’re feeling wrecked all you will be craving is calories. A few squares of chocolate every now and then will give you the hit that you need and it’s great for releasing endorphins.
Go to bed as early as "possible"   
When I became a mum for the first time it took me a while to adjust to the new routine. I was convinced that I should still be enjoying my evening by watching some cheesy TV or a good film. Once I saw sense and realised I should be going to bed as early as possible i.e 8/9pm I was much more able for the nightly feeds.
Don’t feel guilty if you can’t make it out the house to attend the morning activities run by local play centres. Most of these are more suitable for toddlers anyway.
Even if you’re not going anywhere it can make you feel better about yourself if you put on a little bit of make up. At least that way if you change you mind later and want to head out you can do so on a whim. It also helps that when you look in the mirror you’re not fretting about your under eye bags but admiring your lovely lip gloss.
It’s even harder getting up in the middle of the night if it’s during the colder winter months. Make sure that you have all your cosy clothes to hand when you get up, even put them on while you’re in bed if it helps.
Black out blinds
Make sure your bedroom has blackout blinds so that you have the option of making your room dark during the day. If you notice that your bedroom is noisy with traffic or kids playing outside consider using the spare room for your naps if it’s quieter.
Decaf tea/coffee
You may fancy a cuppa when you get up but caffeine is a terrible idea if you’re intending to go back to bed. Try switching to decaf and you can enjoy the warmth and the comfort minus the caffeine.

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