The Benefits Of Using Facial Rollers

Whether they're made of jade, rose quartz or some other fashionably coloured crystal, these devices are by far the most attractive cosmetic tool.

Facial rollers are becoming increasingly popular. Whether they're made of jade or rose quartz or some other fashionably coloured crystal, these devices are far more attractive than any cosmetic device deserves to be.
They also have a certain Instagramable appeal. If you're contemplating adding one of these beauties to your daily skincare routine, here's what you need to know.
They have been around for centuries
Jade rollers aren't a technical breakthrough in skincare science. They have actually been a staple in Chinese skincare routines since the 7th century, and are believed to have healing and protective properties. The handheld massagers are usually dual-ended with two jade stone heads that allegedly boost blood circulation, reduce swelling, and help your skincare products penetrate deeper.
Basically, they're supposed to be a quick, easy cure for daily skincare struggles like dark under-eye circles and puffiness from fatigue. The increase in circulation can also help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.
Lymphatic drainage massage

Sometimes your face can be a little swollen and your eyes are a little full when you wake up. Using a facial roller can help move some of that lymphatic fluid and remove some of the inflammation or swelling.
Lymphatic drainage is something your body does naturally daily. Lymph fluid is what carries white blood cells and other immune system molecules to areas of distress in the body, and that's where you may see swelling. When those cells have finished their work, the fluid drains away toward the lymph nodes, which filter out the bad stuff and then send the fluid back into the bloodstream.
Massage or movement helps reduce the serum enzymes in the body associated with damage (or exercise) and reduce swelling. You have lymph nodes at the base of the nose, outside the mouth, along the jaw, behind the ears, under the chin, and in the back of the neck, when using a facial roller you should direct the flow of fluid toward those spots.
Anti-Ageing properties
Another benefit of facial rolling is its ability to help lotions, serums and masks penetrate the skin. Facial massage increases blood circulation, so massaging it makes it easier for the skin to soak up any product. 
Beauty benefits of rose quartz:
Egyptians believed rose quartz had anti-ageing properties. It is said that the Goddess Isis would gather tumbled stones of rose quartz by the Nile river where she used these as facial massage stones to prevent wrinkles and keep her complexion clear.
The stone of unconditional love this beautiful pink crystal has a powerful energy that resonates within the heart chakra and keeps your heart open to all kinds of love including self-love.
Rose quartz is packed full of minerals. It has incredible healing abilities and helps to reduce inflammation and support the renewal of skin cells. Rose quartz facial rollers are also good for the heart and circulation, bringing oxygen to the skin which improves tone and glow. 
Beauty benefits of amethyst:
Purple amethyst has been revered for centuries to stimulate and soothe the mind and emotions and act as a powerful stone of protection.  
The powerful and protective amethyst has many benefits including calming inflammation and clearing problematic skin. The far infrared rays (FIR) emitted by amethyst gently raise the surface temperature which increases blood circulation and the healing process. Amethysts carry a negative charge which is effective in removing toxins and free radicals. The negative ions draw out the positively charged particles to detoxify and cleanse your skin.
As it is linked to the crown chakra, amethyst is helpful in purifying the mind and clearing your body of the negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, depression or fear. It replaces the negative with positive energy.  
Amethyst is packed full of minerals. It has incredible healing abilities and helps to reduce inflammation and support the renewal of skin cells. 

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feature image via Luan

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