Simple Make-Up Looks For A Busy Host On New Year's Eve

If you are hosting a New Year's Eve party or get-together this year, make-up and getting dressed up will no doubt be top of your agenda. 

If you are hosting a New Year's Eve party or get-together this year, make-up and getting dressed up will no doubt be top of your agenda.
Getting dressed up can make you feel good about yourself and even get you in the mood to party, no matter how tired you might be feeling! 
So whether you plan on going all out or keeping it simple, the following tips will have you looking only gorgeous! 
There’s a reason we love tinsel on Christmas trees and strings of lights around our homes: they make everything look beautifully glowing. The same is true for highlighting make-up. Perfect for that low key New Year's Eve lunch, a touch of shimmer will give you that summer glow, without looking like you’ve just walked off a plane from Spain.
To get your own shimmer, sweep a glittering powder over your cheekbones, below your brow bone, down the nose and on the inner corner of your eyes. If your skin is light, reach for a pink-based highlighter, while medium to dark-skinned women should try golden tones.

Black liner swept across the top lid makes a bold yet elegant statement that needs very little else. A classic but very effective look. The trick to perfecting it? Swap your pencil for a liquid or gel liner. Close the eye and, starting at the inner corner, move the line outward and wing it slightly at the end.
If you have trouble holding your hand steady, create little dashes along the lash line and go back and connect them. Stick to a neutral tone – think muted pinky-beige shade – on the rest of the lid. Forget the base layers, this is the only touch of makeup you’ll need throughout the night. 
If red is not for you...
There is nothing that says winter more than a red lip. But a strong red lip is not for everyone. If it’s not for you, brown or plum are a nice alternative to red lipstick. Skip the matte browns and reach for those with mauve or reddish undertones. The darker shade is perfect for summer and very much on-trend right now. Find one that has a thicker texture, wet lipsticks tend to lose their colour quicker.
If lipstick, in general, isn’t your cup of tea, then opt for something with a touch of shine! Shiny lips are always pretty, but when the shades are pale (think peach, pink, and coral) and flecked with shimmer, they merit a top spot in your makeup case.
Blush Baby
When it comes to ensuring your make-up looks natural, blush is non-negotiable. Amp up your natural rosiness by mixing complementary blush colours, one darker and one lighter. Or start off light with the paler shade in the compact and tweak it by layering its darker counterpart over it.
Blush works for all occasions – it’s the simple tool in everyone’s make-up bag that will make you instantly feel better and our top tip when it comes to choosing makeup looks for Christmas day.

Laura Doyle, mum of 4. Kyle 9, Noa Belle 4, Briar 2 and Milla 12 months. Breastfeeder, co-sleeper, coffee drinker. Staying positive and inspired by the chaos of it all. Writer and blogger at


Laura Doyle

Mum of four, Gentle parent living on coffee and trying always to stay positive and motivate in the midst of the madness.

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