Sick Day: How to get through it when you're a parent

There are ways you can get through it easier and things you can do to ensure the sick days can be as easy (as possible)!

Sick days are a whole big pain in the bum whether it is you that is sick or the kids as the days of a sick household are long and boring. However, there are ways you can get through it easier and things you can do to ensure the sick days can be as easy as possible if that is ever possible?!
  • Movie day- If anything a movie day is a good way to relax and chill out for once (though you may be ill or your kid) it can be enjoyable. In between all the sickness, drink runs and foodie demands you can take advantage and watch Netflix for a while! It is incredible how much time will pass quickly when you are watching movies or binging on box sets.
  • Forget about the chores- If your child is ill you are probably going to be busy minding them and if it is you that is ill you will be unable to do much, so do yourself a favour and resist the urge to mop the floors and hoover. The chores can wait and you will probably not have any visitors anyway. Kick back and just worry about getting the house better!
  • Eat plenty and drink fluids- Eating will give you energy if you are tired after little sleep and drinking fluids is paramount to recovering from illness. You may not want to eat if you are ill but if you are the one doing the caring you should ensure you are fuelled up to manage the few days looking after your youngster.
  • If you must leave your son or daugher, leave them with someone you trust- It isn’t always possible to stay at home with your kiddie if they are ill but you could ask someone you trust to mind your kiddie which will give you a piece of mind while you do what you got to do!
  • Get a take away if you are exhausted- When dinner time is coming up and you cannot face cooking from scratch consider a takeaway just this once! The poorly kid may be unable to eat but the rest of the family should and if you are worn out after the sleepless nights a takeaway means everyone can eat and you won’t have to move a muscle.
  • Count the hours and days- A little tip is if your child has a vomiting bug count the hours since they got ill, in most cases a bug lasts for 12-24hours and this means you can count down till your nipper is recovered. If it is a cold or flu it may take longer but counting the days gives you that reassurance that you are stepping forward and soon things will get back to normal.
  • Go to bed early- It goes without saying that you should (after the longest of days) get to bed early as your child may need you during the night. If it was you that was ill there is even more reason to go to bed and let yourself recover and rest.
Get better soon!


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