It’s time to bring back the Sunday Roast!

Our own family Sunday lunch is one of my favourite childhood memories, with the whole family coming together to share a traditional roast dinner with all the trimmings.

It’s time to bring back the Sunday Roast!
Our family Sunday lunch is one of my favourite childhood memories, with the whole family coming together to share a traditional roast dinner with all the trimmings.  An online study indicated that families are less likely to get together to enjoy a Sunday Roast than we were 10 years ago. Longer working hours, the prevalence of technology smartphones and tablets is playing a part in alienating family members.
The tradition of the Sunday lunch dates back to medieval days when the village serfs would be fed mugs of ale and a feast of spit-roasted oxen after weaponry practice on a Sunday morning. Fast-forward a few hundred years, and there is often a mother, cheeks flushed, carrying the rib of beef, leg of lamb or joint of pork to the table as father stands by, sharpening the carving knife.
The idea of Sunday lunch: continuity, family, security, bonding and plenty of horseradish!
Sunday lunch is all about quality family time we. Come on, you know you want it. You want the security, the warmth, the wine, the stories of the week. Most of all, you want the roast!
Fire Restaurant in Dublin has decided to pick up their weapons - carving knives and roasting pans - and fight to defend a tradition that has the power to keep us altogether and have vowed to wow Irish people with “the best roast in town”.  They are championing to save the Sunday lunch!
Amy Cannon Markting Manager from FIRE Restaurant says:
“There has been a substantial decline in family groups spending Sunday together, to bring back the tradition we had to create something very, very special.  FIRE’s really does a superb job at bringing that tradition back – with flair. And it’s not just a dinner; it’s complete dining experience”
Families always welcome at FIRE:
“What’s more, children can eat from the sharing board at no extra cost. FIRE also has a children’s Sunday menu with all the kids’ favorites but freshly prepared, nutritious and wholesome. With large seating to fit the whole family and high chairs for the little ones, the Original Sunday Roast is the perfect setting for any family gathering”.
So bring everyone together no matter how big your gang is! Your Sunday Roast will be presented at the table and your personal joint of beef is ready to be carved by the head of our kitchen or your table! Served to share, FIRE even roast their Wexford potatoes in beef dripping for maximum taste along with herb infused Wellington-style stuffing, created with an Irish twist. The climax is definitely the natural roast gravy.
The Executive Head Chef Richie Wilson (whom is a vital ingredient to the Sunday Roast) told us:
“Bringing everything that is a home roast to FIRE was a labour of love for my team and I. As a nation, food has played a fundamental role in our family life since the start of time. Nothing beats the simple pleasure of getting together for quality food, lovingly prepared and shared over a long lazy afternoon.”
FIRE’s Original Sunday Roast is available every Sunday from 1pm. Priced at just €29.95 for two courses, making it difficult to choose from which of their rejuvenated classics like Prawn Cocktail and Apple Pie to start or to finish this wonderful meal. With generous portions, children can be adequately catered for from your sharing roast and trimmings with no need to order additional dishes. However, FIRE’s brand new children's menu satisfies even the fussiest  appetite. Visit their website here


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