How to get your skin winter ready

The perfect level of moisture on your skin is just a fraction above dry. And as we head into the colder months, there are a few things you need to do to help keep the dryness down. 

The perfect level of moisture on your skin is just a fraction above dry.
However, winter weather can make getting to that perfect moisture level especially challenging.
Winter can creep up on us quite quickly leaving our skin just as in need of TLC as we are!
As we head into the season, here are some things you can do to keep dryness down:
  • Change to a very gentle cleanser, if you haven’t already.
  • Use a humidifier to keep central heating from drying out your skin.
  • Add an ultra-hydrating serum to your skincare regime and use it morning and night.
  • Use it as an extra layer of moisturising, under your usual daily SPF and night-time cream
  • When using two layers of moisturizers, pick products with different - but complementary - approaches to hydrating your skin.
  • Look for moisturisers with a higher oil content, which will help to hold water in your skin and keep it better hydrated.
  • Facial oils may work well for very dry skin, but avoid them if you have acne. If you do decide to try it, keep in mind that you won't see the effect of a facial oil on your acne for 4-8 weeks after you start using it. Keep a careful eye out for any changes. 
  • Exfoliate less frequently – it reduces the barrier layer of skin, and losing this layer allows more evaporation from your skin.
  • Rinse the salt off your skin after you work out and re-apply moisturiser or sunscreen.
And don't forget about the skin on your hands and your lips - a woman can show her age with badly cared for hands.

To look after your hands:
Try to wear gloves when you’re out in the cold.
Keep your hands moisturised with a hand cream in your handbag, in the car, on your desk in work and on your bedside locker. This way you won’t ever forget to apply multiple times a day.
When it comes to your lips, the same rules apply; keep a few ultra-hydrating lip balms in the same places and re-apply every time they catch your eye!
Written by Laura Doyle staff writer at FFHQ who also blogs at

Laura Doyle

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