Do you ever become the green eyed monster?

This mum is no different from all of us and envy's others from time to time

I spend a lot of time wishing I'd done more with myself earlier in my life (not that I'm ancient though!) and made some different decisions. I wish I wasn't so afraid to take more chances and wish I hadn't put so many things off  "til tomorrow". I'm a thinker and sometimes I spend time running through my friends and family in my head and think, wow, I wish I'd done that or had that. I won't lie, jealousy sometimes rears it's spikey's not a malicious jealousy though, not one where I wish you didn't have it or do it, but an envious one. It's not always huge things like having brilliant jobs or earning a great salary that I'm envious of, sometimes it's the small things like their great figures or just their get up and go.
Within my immediate family, sometimes I'm a little jealous of my youngers, I'm very proud of all of them but still.... All of my siblings can drive (I don't count this but I can drive a tractor, illegally, not a new fandangled one though, I'm talking old school Massey Ferguson). One has just bought a house, gone back to college, and has an interesting job. Another has qualified as a teacher and has spent the last two summers having a ball in Amerikay. Another is currently planning his (well mostly his fiancée) wedding and slimming down rather nicely. His Mrs has an amazing figure and gorge hair! My sister is a manager, constantly going on different training courses, bettering her knowledge and winning in-company prizes for best this & that. She's also been put in charge of organising charity events at her store. 
Sometimes old school friends will pop up on Facebook and I have a little nose to see what they're doing. Recently, one was interviewed by Sky News, for his work in the development of a humanoid robot! There's another who's not long had her 5th child, she looks amazing, like amazing enough to post a pic of her Boudoir shoot on Facebook and her family always seem to be having the best time. Lots of friends have moved away to different countries or have built their own homes. Even my own closer friends..... One has a mortgage, manages the local pre-school and now has some fancy letters after her name, after going back to education. Another has also gone back to education, amazing hair, has had 3 kids and still looks fab. Another has a firm plan in place to buy her own house, been on some great holidays and to brilliant concerts. They go on holidays, mini breaks or road trips to fun places. They get to meet up for coffee and cinema dates. Lots of my friends have kids, I see pics of them doing this or going there, holiday snaps, amazing birthday parties, etc. 
Some have really great jobs in TV, in advertising, as doctors or run their own businesses. Some friends have a plan, they go for it, they do it and they succeed. Some friends are multi-lingual and have spent time travelling the world. Some have moved out of the city, some have moved to different cities. Some friends are going on great holidays, some friends can eat what they like and still look fab and some friends can turn their hands to anything and seem to succeed. Some friends have things just handed to them, with no work done at all. Some friends have the money to do what they like and some friends are brilliant at finding all the great deals and bargains. Some friends can make something beautiful out of something ugly. I have friends who have written books and acquaintances who write brilliant blogs full of brilliant ideas with thousands of readers, including me.
I think about all these people and all these things, and I think "wow, that is brilliant!". I wish I could do the things that they do or can. I look at the gorgeous selfies, the pictures of the homes, the holidays, the parties and I think wowee! I also think, my gosh am I doing enough for my family? Are we giving our son enough? Do I do enough with him? Is he being left behind? I look at my family & friends and I think, I have the ideas but I wish I had your drive, your knowledge and your confidence. I look at them and I think, wow, you look amazing. I listen to them and I think, wow, you know so much and the knowledge I do have is for useless things, not the important things. I look at them all and although I'm envious, I am really happy for them, for all their achievements no matter how big or small. 
I look at them through my envious eyes and then I realise, somebody somewhere is looking at me the exact same way. Somebody somewhere wants my life, wants my figure, and sees all the things I've done or the things I have, our home, my hubby, our son and wants to be like me.
Somebody somewhere thinks I'm the shizzle.....which means somebody somewhere thinks you're the shizzle!
Written by Donna Eldridge, mummy blogger and occasional writer at
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Donna tells us she's from the greatest footballing village of all time, Rhode in Co. Offaly. She moved to south London on holiday after her Leaving cert, 15yrs ago. She's married with a little boy. She's worked in various pubs, ran one and currently work for a bedroom furniture retail company.


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