7 Ways to make life more exciting when you are a parent!

You would be forgiven for thinking that once you are a parent you must slow down, take a back seat, and make your life all about your children but that isn’t correct! 

You would be forgiven for thinking that once you are a parent you must slow down, take a back seat, and make your life all about your children but that isn’t correct!
As a parent, you should still do things you like to do and live life to the full even though you are busy parenting. Being a parent is great but it isn’t the whole of you and there is so much more, so make your life exciting and happy by doing a few things on this list!
  • Get out more- Now I am not suggesting you hit the pub seven days a week but you can get out of the house and visit friends and family. Staying in at home with the kids can be boring everyday so dress them and bag up their stuff and get out to see people! It may only be a little visit but it will brighten your day especially if you pick up a few buns along the way and it is true that it really is the little things that matter.
  • Visit places and go see as much as you can- Once again they don’t have to be places abroad or expensive to get to but you can go to a few places and see things you may not have seen before. You may not have visited a beach in a certain area before or climbed a mountain but you can do it now! Sign up for charity events and volunteer to do a sky-dive or a walk/run. Push yourself and aspire to do great things!
  • Be creative and think outside the box- When you go looking up things to do you will find there are lots of stuff to do and places you can visit. There are many free events on each week ranging from the races to family days or to book launches. Taking an interest in culture and visiting museums too will open your world and in most cases, you can bring along the kids too!
  • Meet new people- Go to book club, badminton or parenting groups and meet new people. Everyone is glad of new friends and while you may have great pals already it is nice to get to know others and learn about their own lives.
  • Try new restaurants and do food themed nights at home- Go outside your normal comfort zone and visit restaurants you would never have visited before as who knows? You may love it!
  • Always have something to look forward to-It may be date night, a weekend away or the family holiday but always have something to look forward to. In smaller terms, it can be a night in watching a film you love with a glass of wine. It may not be the most exciting but it will be relaxing and fun.
  • Don’t settle just because you have kids- You can still do things even though you have kids, sure you may not be able to hit the nightclub every night but days with the kids can be just as fun if you are doing interesting things. Sitting in will drain you so be proactive and enjoy every day.
Follow your dreams and try live them though it may take longer with the kids, but nothing is impossible. Hold onto your hobbies and still make time for you and life will be exciting and fun even with the kids in tow!


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