6 Everyday makeup mistakes corrected

Avoid common makeup mistakes with these easy tips and tricks

According to the makeup experts, there are many beauty mistakes that women make daily that not only hide our beauty but can blunder it. We tell you the most common makeup mistakes that most women make and how to sort them, of course
You should always use a foundation that blends with your skin colour. 
Foundation is not supposed to give you a tan. The skin on your face is not the same tone as the rest of you due to sun exposure and other factors. In order to blend your foundation, try it on your neck instead of your face. Choose a foundation that blends in and looks natural. To add colour to your face, use a bonzer.
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Apply your concealer after foundation. 
If you do this the other way around you'll just end up removing the concealer, and using more of it.
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Concealers for eyes should complement your skin
Your undereye concealer should match your skin tone perfectly, not to light, not too dark. 
Do not pump mascara
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Concealer for spots or scars can be a shade lighter
However don't rely on just concealer when covering pimple scars. Use foundation, top with concealer and finish off with powder to set it and keep in place
Avoid streaky blush marks on your cheeks
Make sure your brush is puffy, soft & clean. If hairs are separated, this is the sign of a dirty brush. Likewise your blusher should be the same colour throughout. If it is darker in the middle, then that is a sign it has been discoloured. 

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