5 ways Vaseline is the best beauty must-have

And we thought it was just for lips

We have all used Vaseline or Petroluem jelly at one time or another for our babies however do you know how useful it is for us ladies? I’m sure you have all used it for chapped lips but have you tried it for;
  • Removing eye makeup; Get rid of that stubborn eye make up by simply rubbing a little your eyes and using a cotton pad to remove.
  • Getting rid of hard skin on your feet. Pop some Vaseline on at bedtime under your socks. Say hello to soft feet.
  • Extending your perfume. Rub some onto your wrists before spraying perfume to make the smell go further.
  • Shaping eye brows and lashes. Give it a try – so easy and effective. Pop a little on a toothbrush and use to shape your eyebrows. 
  • Seal split ends; rub a little into the ends of your hair between haircuts.

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