5 Things NEVER To Say To A Sleep Deprived Parent

The wrong words can sting like a bee, so avoid slipping out one of these 5 no-nos.

For parents, the first few months of their baby’s life are a complete blur. I look back on them and have serious gaps in my memory! 
Well-meaning folks are often keen to provide words of wisdom and a bit of humour, but unfortunately for those sleep deprived and quite frankly knackered parents, it can send them over the edge!
The wrong words can sting like a bee and even leave fragile parents feeling inadequate, so if you’re not sure what to say, say nothing at all and definitely avoid slipping out one of these 5 no-nos.
#1: “You Can Say Goodbye To Sleep!”
Why do fellow parents love to share war stories about the horrors of parenting. To a sleep deprived parent  telling about how they are never going to sleep again could be enough to reduce them to tears and give them more sleepless nights! 
#2: “My Baby Always Slept Through The Night!”
Well first up, that's a lie! The baby who sleeps through the night from the day he’s born is something of a mythical unicorn in the world of parenting. Yes, yes there might be babies who are naturally good sleepers, but what does knowing this do for a new parent? Nothing except remind them that some parents have it better- not good for their own situation.

#3: “Enjoy It, This Is The Best Part!”
Tell a new parent that this is the best part may mean they hear you telling them that it only gets worse from here, and that is the last thing an overwhelmed new parent needs to hear. 
#4: “You Look Tired”
You may as well say “You look fat.” No one wants to hear that they look bad, especially when they know that there is another sleepless night ahead of them that's not going to make them look any better. 
#5: “Just Sleep When The Baby Does!”
Going by that logic a new parent won't get time to eat, shower do any of the chores that are needed. It's a a catch 22, they desperately want sleep, but these things have to get done!
So when you come across a new parent who’s struggling or looks like exhausted,and the inclination to say anything remotely like any of the above... dont! Try not to position yourself as an authority, judging their choices or telling nostalgic tales. Instead, put the kettle on, listen to their needs, offer meaningful and practical advice (if you're asked for it) and offer to help send them to bed for a nap while you watch the baby x

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