5 reasons to get away without the kids

Imagine having a blissful 2 days all to yourself

All parents need a break away from the kids from time to time. It can be a tonic to get a night off from the kids and letting your hair down. While we adore our little ones, who doesn’t feel overwhelmed at times and just a few blissful hours of peace on our own?
Imagine this- packing your bags and dropping the kids off at a relative’s or friends house before you and your partner head to a hotel for a couple of days R&R. In reality it may take a lot of organisation, kids need clothes packed and all their unnecessary toys and other paraphernalia. It will probably take you half the day to get them to let go of your leg but once they have unlatched, well Mammy and Daddy can play!
Here are some reasons why you both need a break away.
  • Time to relax…total relaxation, not the ten minutes you get before you fall asleep each night. Get yourself down to the beauty therapist for a soothing facial and massage. If you can drag your partner away from the golf course get him a massage too, he will love it trust me!
  • Uninterrupted conversation, and here is the best part with no kiddies around. You won’t need to spell out words so you know who doesn’t understand what you are saying. Nope you can chat openly and honestly to your heart’s content.
  • The chance to let loose and be yourself, if you both want to go to a nightclub and dance for hours do it and if you want to climb a mountain do it! Why ever not?
  • Less noise and madness, we all need to recharge and sometimes peace and tranquillity is vital. Any family home is full of laughter, playing and arguing (at times) and it is not a crime to want the noise to stop for a few hours. To enjoy the calmness and be able to sit and read a paper in one sitting if you do wish or go for a long walk together. Hand in hand hiking through the hills marvelling in the beauty of the world and reminiscing on the olden days.
  • To remember each other as individuals, every relationship needs to be taken care of if anything more so once you have had youngsters. A couple can become stagnant because they are virtually passing each other in the hall while you do tasks separately with your nippers. There is absolutely no shame in that, but now is the time to look at each other and be attentive. You fell in love many years ago and children of course need to be loved but you as a couple need to love each other and treat each other well.
Well what are you waiting for? Look up some mini breaks and get on the phone and beg or even bribe a relative to take your brood and get yourselves off to a hotel or tent if you prefer! 
I guarantee it is a great idea for you, your partner and your kids.
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