Family Moments: Lili Forberg

Family Moments is about the wonderful experience of connecting as a family.

In this series, we encourage parents to take a look at those truly special family moments. Memories that evoke a feeling of pure joy because they represent quality time with the people we love the most. The realities of modern day life can make these family moments feel out of our reach a lot of the time. Through this series, parents take a look at the obstacles that can get in the way of these happy family experiences with a view to making some changes so that life can involve more of them. Today we’re speaking to Lili Forberg.

A little bit about me and my family.

I’m Lili and I’m a commercial photographer and Instagrammer (is that a word?) I have a job that I absolutely love so I just do Instagram for fun. I don’t rely on it for anything and that’s why I don’t feel any pressure over it.

My son Leon is 7 and he’s going into 1st class. I’m so lucky that I have a full-time job but not with full-time hours so I’m able to spend a lot of time with him. I’m all about gentle and child-led parenting.

Lili Forberg and her family
"Our favourite thing is to go swimming as a family."

Our favourite way to spend time together is...

Literally just being together as a family and it doesn’t matter what we do. When Leon was a baby, it was a struggle to get all three of us to spend time as we had no one to help with childcare.

While my husband was at work I was with Leon and vice versa so we hardly spend any time together as a trio. Now that he’s in school, it is much easier but we still appreciate those days that all three of us are together. Our favourite thing is to go swimming as a family.

Our most cherished family moment is...

This summer! My husband took time off work this summer to spend time together as a family and we’ve been having the most amazing time hanging out, going to the beach and we even took Leon to his first music festival which was the absolute best fun! We went to Kaleidoscope festival and we can’t wait to go back next year!

The thing that gets in the way of us spending time together is...

Work. My husband works in catering so he might work some weekends. Other than that, I’m pretty happy with our time together. As for myself, I’ve almost the perfect family/work balance and I feel so lucky as I know so many people who don’t have it.

Our pledge as a family:

I’ve been sorting this out for the last few years now, making sure I maximize family time over tedious work stuff I used to do in the past. It’s taken me a while to get my head around this - but now I delegate as much as I can even though I have to pay for it.

This includes my accounts, some editing & admin and housework. I feel that quality time with my family is the most important thing you can have in life so I don’t mind paying someone to give me that extra time that I didn’t have before. I prefer to buy family time than any other commodity.

To maximize your quality family time, take our Family Moments Challenge.

We would like to thank Lili for sharing her special family moments with us. To read more stories just like Lili's, click here.

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