Want Some Home Truths About Newborns? Brace Yourself...

There’s no shortage of 'Newborn 101' tips for soon-to-be-mothers.The list is pretty much endless, but this is the only one you need to read.

Ok, so lets get real. There are millions of pregnancy and parenting books that you can grab - but why bother?
Because there is nothing within those books that can purely prepare you for what lies ahead...
Nonetheless, as parents to newborns on more than one occasion, we've brought you our 'no bullshit' tips on how to survive those first few months.
You might not want to hear the truth and if you don't then tune out - but if you're willing to brave it, read on...
  • You'll cry A LOT - buy tissues
  • Nursing pads - buy the best, you'll need all of them
  • Wash your hair - it'll restore your humanity at the very least
  • Alcohol - if you want that glass of wine, have it
  • Leave the house - again your sanity. That and a healthy dose of adult conversation
  • Ask for help - you are not intruding and people do want to help. There is no shame in it, you are not expected to adjust in one month to motherhood (in fact we're not sure anyone adjusts entirely at all!)
  • BC break - Take a 'before children' break. It IS needed every now and then

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