Things You Will Do Differently On Your Second Baby!

Enjoy award winning blogger Kellie from My Little Babog's take on things you’ll do differently second time round

Things You Will Do Different On Your Second Baby
Since becoming a first-time mum over six years ago I’ve learned so much about myself, my children and parenting in general. My first born was almost a science experiment; everything was trial and error. Visitors were sanitized, daddy was sanitised, everything was sanitized while baby number two was practically feeding himself on day two.
Here I have compiled a list of things that don’t tend to happen a second time round you bring your precious newborn home, nothing ever stays the same.
  • You won't be afraid to co-sleep, not even for a second. You’ll probably wonder if there is any point setting up the crib or moses basket.
  • With your first baby you would have perfectly coordinated each outfit from head to toe, all washed and stored neatly in the nursery. With the second you’re just going for clean.
  • You won't be decorating a nursery at all this time round. Sorry second child, but you won't actually use that room and you won't care.
  • On your first baby you keep an awesome baby book with every detail of babies first’s days. Second baby is lucky to get a rough estimate of milestones.
  • You will not freak out about giving birth. You hear and read so many horror stories the first time around and you worried about every little thing, well I did anyways.
  • When the first born dropped a soother, a toy or a teether it was boiled, sterilized and inspected a million times over. Baby number two’s soother or toy is lucky to get a little blow never mind a leg wipe.
  • For a night out with baby number one you interview and do background checks on babysitters, even if they’re family. Baby number two gets thrown at the babysitter.
  • You won’t change your baby every time they wake through the night.
  • Baby number one is compared to every other baby in the universe. You panic if milestones are not met in a timely manner. With baby number two you will no longer measure your own babies’ development against that of others. You are in no rush for the second born to learn how to walk because you know that’s when all the trouble begins.
  • Regardless of how proud and exhausted you were - you never accepted help on your first. You will now preach for any assistance once baby two comes along.
  • You won’t introduce your second baby to Peppa Pig; she has the most annoying voice ever!
  • By the time your second baby comes along you will no longer stress over sleep deprivation. You will now have accepted that you will probably never get a full night’s sleep until they’re eighteen.
Written by award winning Irish mummy blogger Kellie Kearney. Enjoy Kellie's blog at Like her on Facebookor Follow her on Twitter

Kellie Kearney

Kellie Kearney is a Dublin mammy of five kids aged newborn right up to nine. She loves coffee, cloth nappies, travel and sharing her every day true to life family moments on Instagram.

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