They Forgot to Put These in The Baby Books

There's a lot of missing chapters in those parenting preparation books... Here's our top 15 things they missed!

They Forgot to Put These in The Baby Books
So, we read all the baby books and we thought "I'm totally prepared to be a parent".  We were right. We were as prepared as we were going to be because let’s face it, none of us were really ready. Parenting's not something anyone can truly understand until you’re there and even when you are there - every day is a learning day.  
So we thought we'd put together what happens in between all those chapters of those parenting preparation books... in real life. Here are our top 15 things they missed!
  • Headbutts are very frequent!
  • You will be elbowed or kicked in the boobies or mens lower regions at least once a day.
  • You will quickly learn to pull up your zipper or button your skirt/pants with one hard
  • Toddlers can’t stand pyjamas
  • Toddlers also hate high chairs
  • You’ll immediately do a lot of horrible stuff like sniffing bums
  • You will learn exactly where there are squeaks in the floorboards and never ever walk there when your baby is sleeping
  • Toddlers hate having their happy changed. Apparently, sitting in poo is a much better option for them!
  • You rarely find a babysitter when you need one
  • The amount time you have to yourself each day is roughly 21 minutes
  • Toddlers hate when you give them the yellow cup – didn’t you know it’s Wednesday and on Wednesday’s it’s the red cup!?
  • You’re going to waste a lot of money on things your baby doesn’t need. You only discover this years later and no one call tell you any better at the time
  • Suddenly other crying babies will pull at your heartstrings like you’ve never felt before. For fun, rewind back two years before kids and draw a comparison!
  • You will come to love kids programmes! I have even recorded one in the past as “I” didn’t want to miss what happened next!
  • Toddlers hate when you wipe their face, put on their shoes and test you to our limits when you have to go somewhere!
Have we missed any?
PS - we wouldn't change anything for the world xx


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