The joys and emotions of having your first new-born baby!

Time goes by so quickly. Read one mummy's guide on how to make every moment count.

The joys and emotions of having your first new-born baby!
Who doesn’t love a cuddle with a new born baby? They are quite simply the most beautiful gifts from high- ever! It can be incredibly scary for new parents but also the happiest times too! You are suddenly aware of how this little person is totally reliant on you and how your life now has dramatically changed. There are a huge amount of jubilant things about having your new born, so enjoy the ride as from now on your life will never be the same again!
One of the first things you will notice when you have a baby is how stunning they are, and you just stare at them in awe...They are the golden ball!  After having my first daughter I literally stayed awake all night watching her in her crib, the nurses told me to sleep but I couldn’t! I was so excited about our life ahead together and I just kept telling her how I loved her so much, and that I would always be there for her. There are very few people you can look at and say they are just perfect and I believe every new born is totally perfect.
They are a tiny, innocent bundle that you can cuddle in your arms- and keep all snug and safe... It is a fantastic feeling holding them however you need to be a little careful that your baby doesn’t become too clingy. I can tell you this from experiencce. My little girl wouldn’t settle unless she was in my arms as I couldn’t put her down when I first brought her home! My bewilderment at making this little person led me to keep her close all the time! Cue plenty of tricky nights a few months later, and I regretted (but just a little!)
Sure, you just can’t wait to show them off, and dress them up in pink or blue!
A trip out of the house to see the extended family is a major fashion show for baby! Matching shoes, hats and rig outs! Of course they have the amazing baby smell (mmmm flashbacks!) until they do a whoopsie and you frantically trying to change the little tot’s nappy before anyone get waft of stinky poo poo!
There is so much joy in watching Grandparents coo at your baby.
It will bring a tear to your eye, they will be ecstatic! Don’t be surprised if they try kidnap your bundle to show to all the neighbours and family friends! This is a huge moment for them, a new generation for them to enjoy now that their own children are older. Make sure you take advantage of any babysitting offers and let your baby become familiar with them.
Walking down the town, street or village won’t be a simple trek with a new born, oh God no!
Friends, family and even people you don’t know will stop to take a look at your beautiful bundle. Enjoy the attention and revel in the good wishes and blessings your baby receives. Thank everyone for gifts you have received and be grateful to have such a huge amount of support.
There is no higher accomplishment than having a baby and you will feel so emotional watching your partner bond with their son/daughter!
It unites you in an undescribable way. All of a sudden it isn’t just you or just him anymore. There are now three of you (or maybe more if you've had a multiple birth). Take note of the little milestones and pose for all the pictures (even just for your own album). Believe me they grow up so fast. Each year will bring changes so make sure you treasure the little things, and keep all the souvenirs and mementos for the future.  
Enjoy your lovely new-borns, the days will pass and months will fly on by and before you know it they will be big! Really big! Remember they are only little for a short while so savour every tender moment together. x

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