Does The Teething Ever End?

When your baby starts to teethe it can seem never-ending. It feels like they are teething months before they even get their first tooth and then just when you think it's all over, along comes to the molars. 

One question most parents will ask in their parenting journey is ‘Does the teething ever end?’ It can seem endless for you and for your little one. 

To help get through it, it can be helpful to know and understand the stages and time frame of teething.  Usually, teething occurs between six and twenty four months of age. 

Your little one will have twenty teeth pass through those little gums during this time which will cause pain and some irritation each time one of them passes through the gum. 

Does The Teething Ever End?
Does The Teething Ever End?

Although each little one is different, it usually takes between one and seven days for a tooth to breakthrough. 

Most little ones begin to teethe between four and seven months of age, but can start a little earlier or a little later. As a general guide, your little one’s teeth will most likely emerge within the following timeline:

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There really is no way to know or even estimate how long teething lasts, but fortunately, there are lots of ways that you can help soothe them and give them some relief. 

You will find what works best for your baby and before you know it, it will all just be a distant memory. 


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