Is It Normal For My Baby To Teethe Late?

Remember, when it comes to teething there is no one size fits all. Every baby is different, and that's okay.

As most parents will relate, we don’t ever think too much really about time frames for our development or compare ourselves to others in development respect. But, as soon as a baby is born, we become absolutely developmental timeline obsessed! Especially when it comes to teething.

Friends, baby groups, online, social media... it is all we talk about for those first few years of our baby’s life.

What we so easily forget is that we are all different. That is the same for our babies.

Teeth is a common conversation when it comes to little ones. “Do they have any teeth?” is a question we get a lot and for most of us, one that we ask a lot too!

People can often panic if their little one hasn’t gotten their first tooth by a certain age, but the truth is, there is no specific age when it is ‘normal’ to get their first tooth.

It is only a rough estimate, but around the 6-month mark is when most babies get their first tooth. It is rare but some babies can get a tooth at around three months, even rarer but some can even be born with one! Surprisingly for some, it is totally normal for a child to get their first over the 12-month mark.

Most children will have all twenty primary teeth by the time they reach three years of age. Although they only last a short while, primary teeth are important as it helps shape their face and mouth. It also gives a guide to their permanent teeth which will begin to grow soon.

Here is a general guide on when you can expect to see those teeth make an appearance.

Is It Normal For My Baby To Teethe Late?


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