Clocks changing: How to save your babies routine

Our sleep expert has some sound advise

The time is changing on the 25th October , this time change can play havoc with a babies routine if not planned for. Simply keeping a baby up later the night before the change rarely works and can just lead to overtiredness resulting in your baby wakening even earlier!
Ideally you should try pushing out your babies’ routine gradually over the next 2 weeks. Therefore if you baby usually starts his day at 7 wait until 7.15am before feeding him if possible, then push out his naps, meals and bedtime by 15 minutes. In 2/3 days time push his whole routine out by another 15 minutes. Continue to push his routine slowly out over the following days so by the night of the 24th he will be going to be 1 hour later. 
If it’s not possible to change your child’s routine before the change wait until the time has changed and gradually do it then, yes you will be up early for a few mornings but after a week or so all should be back to normal. 
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