4 Reasons Why You need This Musical Nightlight

SPONSORED: Getting your little one to sleep can be a struggle at times. Check out the new Musical Night Light Owl from Lidl, which will make bedtime easier for you and your little one. 

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I think we can all agree that getting your little one to sleep can be a struggle at times.
Sometimes reading their favourite book or attempting to sing a lullaby just isn’t cutting it, and you need some extra help. This is where a nightlight can come in handy, especially one like Lidl’s Musical Night Light Owl.
As well as possibly being the most adorable night light ever, The Musical Night Light Owl has plenty of efficient uses. 

1 Getting Your Child to Sleep
Getting your child to sleep is, of course, numero uno on the list of things you want your night light to help with. The Musical Night Light Owl can help you out in this department.
The nightlight offers a gorgeous soft glow and for an added bonus has four sound effects to soothe your little one to sleep. Sound effects include Brahms Lullaby, Heartbeat and Rainfall and stay playing for twenty minutes.
2 Helping Parents Sleep
Yes, you read that right – your child’s night light can also help you sleep better! Late night trips to comfort your child usually includes bright lights been turned on, which cause your brain to become alert and active.
This, in turn, makes getting back to sleep very difficult. A nightlight offers a soft glow, which will allow you to drift back to sleep much easier.

3 Comforting Your Child
Many young children are scared of the dark. This fear typically sets in when they are around two or three years old, as they become old enough to imagine, but not wise enough to distinguish fantasy from reality.
A nightlight can be the perfect solution to ease the worries of your little one. The soft glow from a nightlight can also make it easier for your child to locate their favourite teddy in the middle of the night or their soother.

4 Help Parents Avoid Accidents

A cleverly placed nightlight in your child’s room has one extremely practical use – avoiding injuries! The gentle light from The Musical Night Light Owl will be able to guide you around your child’s room with ease.
Tripping on toys or stubbing your toe off the side of the cot will be a thing of the past!

The Musical Night Light Owl will be available in Lidl stores nationwide from December 6th. Available while stocks last.

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