Preparing you and your baby for childcare

It is something that most parents worry about. Planning ahead is the key to getting it right

Preparing your baby for childcare is another stage of family life and one that may cause you a lot of worry. You may fret about whether your baba will cope without you all day while you work and you may also be concerned if your baby will receive the same kind of care he receives when he is with you. Here we have listed a few suggestions on preparing your baby for childcare and hopefully the transition from your care to your baby’s caregiver will be a successful one.
Decide on the type of childcare you want to use for your baby- Whether it be a crèche, childminder, nanny or even a relative you need to look at the options and decide in plenty of time before you return to work. Consider location, price, activities available and what the main care giver is like and go from there to choose the right one for your baby and you. Ensure you like the person who will be caring for your baby so you can both communicate and get along which will help your tot trust their minder. 
Let your baby get to know their caregiver- Any kiddie, even the ones that don’t make strange need time to get used to a new person or persons who are looking after them. Do a few test runs, and leave your baby for a few hours easing them into fulltime childcare when you can be there if your baby needs you. 
Be sociable and go to parties and playdates- To have a sociable baby you need to be outgoing and go to everything and anything. Consider baby and mammy groups, baby massage or baby yoga as these activities get your baby used to being around strangers and learning how to get to know people. 
Put together a comfort bag full of your baby’s favourite things- For example your baby’s blanket, their teddy and their favourite rattle all in a bag should your baby need some comfort when you are not around. Think about getting two of a few toys they like and put them in their bag to bring to their caregivers and having them at home also will allow them to become familiar with similar items around them. 
Plan ahead- If you are due back in work soon consider putting your tot into your chosen childcare a week earlier so you can phase your baby into their new surroundings without the added pressures of getting to work on time. Make sure you are prepared for the day ahead and have your baby’s bag all packed and at hand for the early mornings, and set off in a calm fashion. Once at the caregivers drop your baby in and don’t linger for too long as it only adds to a child’s anxiety, and tell your baby you will collect them later.
There may be tears but in time it will settle down and some days it might be difficult dropping off and leaving without tears, but all kids get upset from time to time. Soon enough it will all have settled down and you and your baby will be pros at the routine!
Best of luck X 

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