Mistakes New Parents Make

Unfortunately when you have a baby it doesn’t come with a manual, and a lot of parenting is on the job training.

Unfortunately when you have a baby it doesn’t come with a manual, and a lot of parenting is on the job training. Therefore along the way we will all make little mistakes, and we shouldn’t feel guilty as overall we are doing a brilliant job.
Here are some of the common mistakes we can make:
You forget about yourself after having a child.
While of course your attention should be on your little one, it is also vital to remember yourself. Nutrition and rest are imperative after having a new born and a few minutes to eat healthily will keep you in tip top shape. Mammy’s health is key too.
Withdraw yourself and stay indoors.
After your bundle is home and the initial visits from family recede and if you are in a relationship, they might return to work it can actually get pretty lonely. This is the time you need to get up and take yourself and baby out walking or to a mother and baby group, so that you don’t become isolated from people.
Compare your youngster to other children.
All kids will progress at different stages, though Miley might be walking doesn’t mean your tot has to be. Each child is different and accept that it isn’t a competition. Enjoy the moment of your own child especially.
Take advice that you don’t agree with.
Just because your Mother says it didn’t do you any harm doesn’t mean she is right! Stick to your gut instinct and ask your public health nurse for information if you are worried about anything. You will find everyone has an opinion but that doesn’t mean you have to agree with them all. Each
Mammy to their own.
Believe and follow everything you read.
While parenting books and magazines are a huge help, remember they are a guide and that what works for one tot might not work on another. Bend the guidelines to your own inclination and see how you get on, Rome wasn’t built in a day.
Change your discipline of your toddler daily.
Kids need rules and boundaries but also you have to be consistent as a parent. If you adopt the 1-2-3 approach stick with it and don’t change to the naughty step because day one of 1-2-3 didn’t work. It may take a few days to get a good reaction or it may not work at all, but do give it time.
Keep all you nice ornaments or candles out.
Never ever leave treasured items out as with little people about they will get wrecked inadvertently. Picture frames will get smashed so save yourself the heartache and put belongings away till they are older and less destructible.
Believe that your marriage/relationship will be perfect.
Now that you have a beautiful baby doesn’t mean your relatonship will remain tranquil. In fact you will now together have to work harder to spend quality time together and think of each other as individuals.
Parenting is the hardest job in the world and who doesn’t make mistakes in their job? The main thing is to learn from them and move on and delight in your offspring every single day.

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