Look At The Brilliant Bargains Lidl Have In Store!

Lidl have some brilliant baby offers coming up this week and we are blown away.

Lidl have long been trusted by parents for their great prices and quality, so it comes as no surprise that they have such excellent offers on products that you can depend on. Their ‘Baby Week’ is kicking off from Monday September 2nd and it’s not to be missed.

We’ve done the hard work for you and compiled a list of their
best offers. Happy shopping!

Safety Gate - €19.99

Firstly, we have
this Quick Close safety gate. It has door guards for clamping, as well as a
protective grill with a manual locking system. It’s easy to install and adjust,
and its u-frame design provides extra stability and resilience.

Product code: 314703

Safety Gate - €19.99
Safety Gate - €19.99

Long Sleeve Body Suits – €3.99 (2 pack)

These gorgeous long sleeve body suits will be perfect for your baby. Coming in a few colours, they are made from 100% cotton that will keep your little one comfortable all day long.

Product code: 313718 and 313717

Long Sleeve Body Suits – €3.99
Long Sleeve Body Suits – €3.99

Long Sleeve Tops – €3.99 (2 pack)

These long sleeve
tops are ideal for keeping your baby warm and comfortable. They are also made
from 100% cotton - a soft, breathable fabric for your baby’ sensitive skin.

Product codes: 313719 and 313722

Long Sleeve Tops – €3.99
Long Sleeve Tops – €3.99

Baby Dress – €4.99

This baby dress is
super cute and super affordable, costing just €4.99. It is suitable for tumble
drying and it also has poppers at the back, so you can get your little one
dressed without a fuss.

Product code: 313725

Baby Dress – €4.99
Baby Dress – €4.99

Baby Sleep Bag -

Baby sleep bags have become a popular choice among parents recently. They are perfectly safe for your baby to use - just bear in mind that you get the right size. They keep your little one at a constant temperature as they snooze, while also allowing them to roll and move their legs safely within the bag. Lidl’s baby sleep bag comes in at an absolute steal at €9.99.

Product codes: 313901 and 313903

Baby Sleep Bag - €9.99
Baby Sleep Bag - €9.99

Placemats and Bibs -

Minimize the mess at
mealtimes by using these fabulous placemats and bibs. They are none slip,
dishwasher safe, and come in fun in shapes and colours for your little one to

Product code: 314702

Placemats and Bibs - €7.99
Placemats and Bibs - €7.99

Ball Pit - €29.99

Your kids will have
endless fun in this pop-up ball pit. It is easy to put away (and take on the
go) as it comes with balls included as well as a handy carrier bag. All of this
for just €29.99? We need it!

Product code: 314709

Ball Pit - €29.99
Ball Pit - €29.99

Baby Body Carrier-

This baby body carrier is ideal for keeping your baby close. It keeps your hands free at all times, meaning you don’t have to compromise on quality closeness with your baby while you get those all-important tasks done throughout the day. It is made from soft and comfortable fabric and is machine washable at up to 40 degrees Celsius. It has a wide strap for comfortable positioning, hook and loop fasteners for the perfect fit and it comes with a convenient travel bag.

Product code: 316642

Baby Body Carrier- €19.99
Baby Body Carrier- €19.99

Kids’ Hop-on Stroller
Platform - €29.99

This hop on stroller
platform is perfect if you have toddlers in the house. Tired toddlers can hop
on to the platform and coast along while their little sibling travels in the
stroller. It has a fastening system that adjusts from 24 to 47cm, spring
mounted wheels for a comfortable ride and a wide non-slip base with a raised
edge.  It is compatible with both
prams and pushchairs.

Product code: 316644

Kids’ Hop-on Stroller Platform - €29.99
Kids’ Hop-on Stroller Platform - €29.99

Pram Cupholder -

This pram cupholder
is great for keeping cups or bottles to hand while on the go. It fits both cups
and bottles up to 500ml and has a hook and loop fastener making it easy to
attach. Warning: this product is not suitable for hot drinks or glass bottles.

Pram Cupholder - €4.99
Pram Cupholder - €4.99

Product code: 316643

Pram Smartphone
Holder- €4.99

This smartphone
holder is perfect for keeping your eyes on your baby without having to reach
into your pocket or bag to receive a call or text. The handle guarantees your
smartphone stays in place securely. It also has a 350-degree joint with a hook
and loop fastener, making it easy to attach. 
It fits all standard smartphones from a minimum of 5.5cm to maximum
8.3cm wide.

Product code: 316643

Pram Smartphone Holder- €4.99
Pram Smartphone Holder- €4.99

Pram Clips- €4.99

We’ve all been
there. Going anywhere with a baby is like moving house! The amount of stuff you
have to bring from place to place can make your pram look like a suitcase at
times. These practical pram clips are perfect for attaching objects to the
handle of your pram, so things like blankets and toys are easy to reach. They
have a wide opening for attaching to large and small pram handles and come in
pack of six.

Product code: 316643

Pram Clips- €4.99
Pram Clips- €4.99

Insulated Bottle
Holder- €4.99

An insulated bottle
holder is a must have for all busy parents. It keeps bottles warm or cool for
much longer than normal, so you can always have a bottle ready on the go. It
fits all standard baby bottles, including wide mouth bottles. As well as that,
it has a hook and loop handle for easy transport.

Product code: 316643

Insulated Bottle Holder- €4.99
Insulated Bottle Holder- €4.99

Pram Rain Cover-

In Ireland, the weather
is always going to be unpredictable and that’s why we adore this practical (and
cheap as chips) rain cover. It provides wind and rain protection for all
standard prams, as well as a full zip so you can easily take your child out of
the pram. As well as this, it has large vents to allow you to hear and talk to
your baby. And at €4.99, what’s not to love?

Product code: 316643

Pram Rain Cover- €4.99
Pram Rain Cover- €4.99

Pram Sun Shade- €4.99

This pram sun shade
is great for the summer and sunny autumn days. It protects your baby from
direct sunlight as well as being easy to mount and move. It’s also a complete
steal at just €4.99. 

Product code: 316643

Pram Sun Shade- €4.99
Pram Sun Shade- €4.99

Child Activity
Sensory Mat / Activity Gym - €19.99

This child activity
sensory mat is great for keeping your baby stimulated and active. It has several
multi-sensory toys, including a rattle, crinkle foil, squeaker and mirror. It
is fantastic for your baby’s sensory development as well as their hand-eye
coordination. Its multi-coloured hanging soft toys with sound effects encourage
lot of fun and play. It’s also super practical, as it has removable arches for
easy transportation.

Product code: 316663

Child Activity Sensory Mat / Activity Gym - €19.99
Child Activity Sensory Mat / Activity Gym - €19.99

Kids' Light-Up Wellington Boots – 12.99

What child doesn’t
love light up shoes? These flashy wellington boots with a patented light system
will keep your child safe, dry and visible while they’re splashing in muddy
puddles. They have removable warm lining, 3m Scotchlite™ reflective elements for enhanced visibility
and felt insoles with an aluminium layer for extra heat insulation.

Product codes: 316250 & 316251

Kids' Light-Up Wellington Boots – 12.99

Kids' Waterproof Trousers – €9.99

If your kids don’t
let the rain dull their day, they need these waterproof trousers. They are
lined with warm fleece, making them perfect for cold winter days. They are
windproof and waterproof with taped seams, as well as reflective details by 3m Scotchlite™
for extra safety and visibility.

Product codes: 315763 & 315765

Kids' Waterproof Trousers – €9.99

Kids' Waterproof
Jacket - €9.99

To complete the
waterproof ensemble, Lidl also have an offer on this beautiful waterproof
jacket. It is lined with warm fleece, as well and being wind and waterproof.
Like the waterproof trousers, the jacket has reflective details by Scotchlite™
for safety and visibility as well as a
cosy hood with warm lining. It has front pockets and a name label inside making
it a super practical addition to any child’s wardrobe.

Product codes: 315761 & 315764

Kids' Waterproof Jacket - €9.99

Sleep Trainer -

We all know that
sleep training babies can be hard work, so we were delighted to spot this great
Lidl Sleep Trainer at just €24.99. When the sleeping sheep is lit up,
it’s time to get back to sleep. When the awake sheep is lit up, it’s time to
get up. It has 4 different lullaby and alarm options and includes 3xAA alkaline

Product code: 313843

Sleep Trainer - €24.99
Sleep Trainer - €24.99

If you would like even more great value, we have a special discount code for our lovely readers. Get 20% off Lidl’s award-winning Lupilu range here.


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