What To Do If Your Baby Starts Choking

When you’re dealing with a choking baby, it is always important to know which type of choking you are dealing with.

When you’re dealing with a choking baby, it is always important to know which type of choking you are dealing with: a partial choke or a full blockage choke.
A partial choke is as simple as the name says, the airway is partially obstructed. However, with a full choke, there is no air going in or out.
From a visual point of view, a partial would be coughing, splutter, red face, hands around the neck. However, during a full choke, there would be an absence of sound as the airway is fully blocked.
Below you will find steps on what to do if your little one starts choking. However, we do recommend you take part in a course for some hands-on experience.
Partial choke
1.When it comes to a partial choke, you will use gravity to your advantage by picking the child up and turning them upside down slightly.
2. Give very gentle taps on the back. Don’t use full force as the coughing is the most effective way to release the obstruction
Full choke
1. To treat full blockage choke on an infant you will need to first find a chair.
2. Sit down on the chair and place the child along your leg at an angle so that the bum is higher than the head.
3. Using the heel of your hand, do up to five back slaps between the shoulder blades in an upward motion.
4. After every back slap, check to see if the object has been dislodged.
5. If it hasn’t been released after five back slaps, cradle the back of the infant’s head, turn them over, and then do up to five chest thrusts.
6. To do your chest thrusts,use two fingers straight across the nipple line – one compression every two seconds. Give up to five compressions.
7. If, after three cycles of up to five back slaps and five chest thrusts, the blockage doesn’t release call 999 or 112 and recommence your treatment.
8. If the child responds they will still require medical attention.
For more information on where to book a class, visit Parent First Aid.
Check out the full video below.  

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