Video: Surviving post-natal depression: Moms tell us what it feels like

Many women struggle with coming to terms with living with postnatal depression, however once they take the first step as these women testify the results are life changing.

Filmmaker Jill Krause, met with several women across the US who told their personal stories of their struggle and survival of postpartum depression
Krause who suffered postpartum depression herself released the file saying  “Perinatal mood and anxiety disorders affect 1 in 7 pregnant and new moms. We are strong, we are fighters, we are good moms, and we are here for you if you are struggling, too. is proud to bring this video to moms around the world, with the help of Cotton Babies, to bring awareness to perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, and to let moms know they are not alone. And that they are still good moms, even if they are struggling.”
Speaking to Buzzfeed in the US Krause said “I knew this would be a powerful experience before I started, but I was surprised by how truly honored I felt listening to these women,”

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