Have we found the perfect nappy?

SPONSORED: Have we found the perfect nappy? As well as solving all your leaky nappy nightmares, this nappy has just been honoured at the 2018 National Parenting Product Awards! 

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The perfect nappy doesn’t exist...or does it?
I think we can all agree that there is nothing worse than a leaky nappy. It just really isn’t a pleasant experience for all parties involved.
As well as being uncomfortable for your little one, leaky nappies also require countless changes of clothes, as well as plenty of stress and tears (from both parties!).
However, what if we told you that your nappy prayers have been answered? Well, guess what – ‘Your nappy prayers have been answered!’.
Lidl have updated all their award winning Lupilu nappies to include ‘magical tube technology’. Intrigued? We certainly were!
Lupilu nappies special drylock magical tubes have lots of benefits and advantages over standard nappies. For starters, they offer better protection against leakage – Yay! Secondly, the nappies provide a better fit and adapt perfectly to the shape of your baby’s body – double yay!
The nappy’s core is created to allow for equal absorption throughout the nappy, which removes the ‘bulky nappy’ effect found in other wet nappies. The magical tubes also distribute and absorb fluid much faster than standard nappies, which equals less mess; which equals a good time! 
We aren’t the only one to notice these magical nappies; Lupilu nappies, nappy pants and nappy sacks were recently honoured at the 2018 National Parenting Product Awards (NPPA). Founded by Zahra Media Group, the NPPA recognise the very best baby products on the market, selected and tested by panels of mums and experts. They have also been approved by the well respected magazine Good Housekeeping.
So as the winter season is fast approaching, say goodbye to leaky nappies and hello to a nappy reveloution! We can’t guarantee the winter weather will be dry, but at least your little one will be!
For more information on Lupilu’s baby range, check out Lidl’s website.

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