Five Amazing Facts About Newborns You Didn't Know

Having a newborn again I am re-learning all the interesting and amazing facts about newborns. 

Having a newborn again I am re-learning all the interesting and amazing facts about newborns.
Here are my top 5;
  • A research team discovered that if a newborn is left on their mother’s chest after birth, they will crawl up and find her breast to feed, guided by her smell. Incredible. They have a Rooting reflex – if you stroke their cheek, they’ll turn in that direction with their mouth open ready to feed.
  • When a mum and newborn face and look each other in the eye, their heart rates co-ordinate in seconds.
  • When a baby is born, their hearing isn’t 100% yet - The middle ear is still full of fluid which tends to impair the hearing a little bit. But one sound they are able to recognize is the sound of their mum’s voice. They respond to this sound above all others.
  • One in every three babies has a birthmark - This is one fact that definitely surprised me. I didn’t realize the number was so high! One in every three babies are born with a birthmark and twice as many girls than boys.
  • Babies make a crying sound for what they want or need, but they do not actually cry. They don’t make tears for about three weeks. That’s because their tear ducts are not entirely developed. They do produce enough moisture to keep the eyes healthy, but they won’t shed proper tears for several weeks.
Written by Laura Doyle. Laura blogs over at Love, Life and Little Ones; She's a 29-year-old mum of four and part-time beauty therapist! She loves writing about all things parenting, beauty and lifestyle related.
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