First v Second Baby..What we do differently!!

Here are 5 things most parents typically change from first to second child

On your first baby you prepare for 9 months by reading Advice books, websites, blogs and any other literature to help you with your precious little bundle once they arrive.  Then along comes number two and it all changes.  You no longer have the time to be as meticulous as you once were, along with the fact that you are probably much more confident in your abilities. Either way, in most houses these difference between first and second baby will no doubt sound very familiar.
Sterilising: For the first child, nothing, absolutely nothing EVER goes into the child’s mouth, until 1 year old, without being sterilised first, period. There is no bending this rule. All items must be removed from the steriliser with a small plastic tongs (which must be sterilised also).  For the second child, whist sterilising still take place, it is on a far more relaxed basis. A ‘5 second rule’ is usually introduced whereby if an item falls on the floor (after the child is 6 months), then it is checked for hairs or dirt. In their absence it is run under a cold tap and given back to the child.
Television:  Baby Einstein is a regular in most houses with one child. The first born is usually seated with Mom or Dad, who join in with the singing, pointing out colours, numbers, shapes etc . On baby number two’s arrival, it is usually sufficient for them to watch what first born is watching. Oh its spongebob squarepants? No worries, I’m sure they won’t really understand it anyway.
Group activities: On your first, you attend Baby Yoga, Baby Sign Classes (so you can understand what your baby is telling you),  Aquababies and the local baby group.  You realise that you simply dont have the time on your second baby and going for walk to the playground is considered a day out.
Food: First born is on a healthy plan of healthy organic food with unsalted butter & stock. Baby rice cakes are kept for very special treats.  Second born usually eats from a jar, organic jar if it is on offer and has identified a favourite brand of  jellies before the age of 1.
Baby book: Every milestone, smile, tooth & words of the first born is recorded along with other name choices you had for your baby, who came to visit & what presents they brought. On number 2 you remember at 12 weeks old that you need to buy a baby book and complete at 6 month intervals. Desperately trying to remember when they crawled or took their first step. You come to the conclusion that you won’t be challenged on the information so put in a good guesstimate!
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