Things parents need to know before their baby becomes a toddler.

We've spoken to lots of parents of toddlers and here is their definitive list of what you need to know to be prepared!

Before Your Baby Get's Their Toddler On!
You have had a baby and you are positively delighted with your little one, but now they have grown up and now it is time to child proof your home with stair gates and fridge locks.
Gone are the days when your nipper would sit in the high chair or roll on the baby mat, now it is going to get messy. If you are lucky enough to have eyes in the back of your head you might do ok but for us mere mortals this is going to make the Olympics look easy!
Help is at hand however and we've spoken to lots of parents of toddlers and here is their definitive list of what you need to know to be prepared!
Toddler tantrums: "There is no magical serum to help these outbursts (if only) but they are small so just sweep them up onto your back and march them up to their bedroom for “timeout”. Yes there will be banging and some teddy throwing but once they have calmed down they will be back to the little one you know and love minus the grizzlies!" (Mary)
Fussy eaters:"It is inevitable that they will decide they hate a once loved dish, in fact they might just decide they only like yogurt or ice cream! However keep trying new foods and don’t get into a food fight about what they have to eat, forcing them won’t solve the problem either." (Edyta)
Escape artists and fast runners:"They will loosen from your hands and run free, so get some reins early on and get them used to walking with them. Some won’t like them but persevere, toddlers are extremely fast and they think Mammy or Daddy chasing them is hilarious." (Michael)
Independence:"Get used to “No” and “I’ll do it” as you will be hearing these words a lot, and not in a good way. Toddlers think they are indestructible so anything is fair game for climbing, and they don’t need help- “No”. They will want to do everything you don’t want them to do, and won’t do anything you want them to do. Yes it really is so much fun!" (Christine)
All about changes and transitions:"Your toddler will be starting potty training, drinking from a cup and dumping the do-do’s (hopefully). These things are stressful enough for a parent never mind a hyped toddler so I feel bribery is quite acceptable at this stage. “Yes darling you can have the lego if you do the poop in the potty”! Bingo- you are on the way, just make sure they know the lego is a once off or it could get expensive." (Caroline)
Toys, toys and more toys:"They will have lots of toys, and you can never ever give some away (no matter how long they have sat in the toy box for) as they need them: simples! Be prepared for every room to have toys in it and mind your step as trampling on these treasured toys unleashes a tot monster, you have being warned…" (Sharon)
Getting them to bed and finally to sleep:"Ah the best time of day when you get them into bed, but they are not locked into a cot anymore. Just sit yourself down on the stairs as there is absolutely no point in going down stairs, and march them back into their bedroom each time they escape. It can take hours so just have your diary cleared and bring a crossword, it won’t be too long till you hear the gentle snoring of a tired out monkey, and that my fellow parents is the best sound of all!" (James)
However we'll add to these tips: Enjoy them as they grow so quick! (Family Friendly HQ)
Best of luck to you all and let us know if you have any more tips to add.

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