Brilliant solution to changing a baby's nappy in a car or on the go...

This simple trick makes life a lot easier

Esther Andersonfrom The story of this lifeposted a picture from the toilets of a plane where she was struggling to change her childs nappy. Asking 'If there's an easier way to do this I haven't figured it out yet. Someone please share the secret'.
She received a hugely popular reply from a lady called Brenda Burnett who gave the simpliest but brilliant solution that we had certainly never thought of.  
Here it is:
  • Before your journey put on 2 nappies
  • Inside nappy - use normal tab tie nappy
  • Outside nappy - use a slip on/pull up
  • When you need to change - pull down the slip on/ pull up
  • Remove the tab nappy and wipe
  • Pull back up the slip-on
  • Done!

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