Here Are The Essentials For Your Baby's Day Out

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We've come to the rescue and rounded up your Baby's Day Out Essentials, so you will never forget anything again! 

There’s nothing better than taking your little one on a fun day out.

You spend the day making lovely, lasting family memories and bonding closer together as you all dance in unison to your specially made ‘family road trip’ playlist.

But let’s take off those rose-tinted glasses for one moment – it’s not all sing-along Disney classics and perfect Instagram snaps titled #familygoals.

A day out with a baby can be oh-so-stressful, especially when it comes to making sure you have packed everything for them.

The fact that someone so little needs so many things still baffles us a bit! But we have come to ease those packing woes with our ultimate Baby’s Day Out Essentials guide. So – grab your baby bag and let’s get packing!


A hat is essential to keep your little one's head and ears nice and toasty while on your family adventures!

2. Warm Jacket

You never want your baby to feel a chill during their day out, especially now that the warm sunny days are behind us. Always remember that a warm baby is a happy baby.

3. Blanket

None of us can ever be too cosy, and the same goes for babies. Wrap your little one in a soft blanket as they are pushed around in their pram.

Here Are The Essentials For Your Baby
Essentials For Your Baby's Day Out

4. Lupilu Nappies

It goes without saying that babies require a nappy change on occasion. Make sure you're prepared by packing some award winning Lupilu nappies. These nappies are super breathable and even offer a handy wetness indicator, which changes colour when your baby needs to be changed!

5. Lupilu Nappy Sacks

We all know how messy nappy-changing time can get. Avoid unnecessary mess and make sure to pack some nappy sacks to dispose of dirty nappies efficiently.

6. Soft Toy

Sometimes sing-along Disney songs with mom and dad in the car won’t cut it to entertain little ones. So, a soft toy is essential to keep both your baby and you happy.

7. Lupilu Organic Food

Another given is that babies get hungry – often! Lupilu have lots of yummy, organic ready-to-eat dinners, which are incredibly convenient for days out.

8. Lupilu Baby Wipes

Days out with your baby come hand in hand with some messy situations! Be prepared for any clean-ups that may come your way with a pack of Lupilu Baby Wipes in your baby bag.

Here Are The Essentials For Your Baby
Essentials For Your Baby's Day Out

9. Sudocrem

Sudocrem is one of those essentials that you can use for just about everything! It’s like a super cream and can be applied to anything from a nappy rash to minor burns or grazes.

10. Hand Sanitizer

It’s always handy to have a bottle of hand sanitizer in your baby bag. On your day out you might not have immediate access to water and soap, so hand sanitizer is the next best thing!

11. Snack

If the Lupilu Organic Food doesn't fill your little baby’s appetite, you’ll be thankful that you packed a few handy snacks to keep those hungry cries at bay.

For more information on Lidls Lupilu range, check out their website.

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