Baby Number 1 v Baby Number 2: The Differences

This is written from real life experiences

Just as every pregnancy is different, and every birth is different, so is first baby different from the second baby. The love is the same 100% but here’s a few differences I have noticed between number one and number two baby!
  • Baby #1 – Rules were set out, no co-sleeping, baby was put in moses basket and hushed and sang too all night if I had too, I was terrified of co-sleeping! Baby #2: I made a bed for him on top of my duvet on his 2nd night home ! Mamma bear needed her sleep and so did baby bear!
  • Baby #1- Dressed baby every day, outfits put out the night before! Baby #2: do babygros and cardigans count as dressing?!!
  • Baby #1 -Read too many baby books, got stressed going by routines and feeding times and how many ounces etc. Baby #2: fed when he wanted and I relaxed over routines especially in the early weeks. It all falls into place.
  • Baby #1 -Sterilised all the time and if a dummy fell anywhere, it was straight into the sterlisier. Baby #2: now I still sterilise but if a dummy falls onto the floor, a quick suck from me and it’s fine!
  • Baby #1- Pictures in every frame in the house. Baby #2: All the pictures are still waiting to be printed – it’s terrible!
  • Baby #1- Wow presents galore. Baby# 2: Eh hello have people forgot I had a baby?! There is a drop in presents for baby #2!
  • Baby #1 – Nursery was all set up and perfectly pretty with clothes all hung up months in advance. Baby #2: has yet to get a nursery and his clothes are with mummys!
  • Baby #1- Solids – I waited until 6 months. Baby #2: I definitely won’t be 6 months this time – hungry boy!
  • Baby #1 – The fear, the fear of the unknown! What to expect through the first year, teething, illnesses, sleepless nights. Baby #2: much less fear, I have been there and survived and it’s much more relaxed this time.
  • Baby #1 – I could nap when she did. Baby #2: uh not this time...When baby #2 naps it’s catch up on housework and playtime with my little lady.
  • Baby #1 – The years flew so fast I still can’t believe she’s 4. So with baby #2 I am cherishing each moment, each little milestone and enjoying it and holding on to his little hand for as long as I can!
Can you relate?
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