Baby Blues: Some Tips on how to cope

The majority of new mothers are affected by it in some way.

Though it isn’t spoken about much Baby blues is very common and up to 80% of women suffer from it after having their new-born. It differs in symptoms for woman to woman and it isn’t the nicest of experiences when it does strike. Here we have a few tips on coping with the baby blues and why you might get it.
There is no real apparent reason for getting the baby blues except that your body is after going through a huge amount of changes and hormones are raging through your body. It can start a day after you have had your little one or months after, and it can make you feel overwhelmed, upset or extremely tired. In some cases you may feel a decreased or increased appetite and little interest in things, some women feel overwhelmed and anxious at the thoughts of having a baby to care for. After the high of giving birth some women describe feeling deflated and an anti-climax after the pregnancy experience. For some women these feeling will last for a few hours but others can experience it for a few days to a week or so. 
When it does go away it will instantly feel like a fog has being lifted from yourself and things will get back to normal and you can enjoy your little one like you had planned to. Don’t feel guilty for having a few off days or weeks as it is totally normal and beyond your control anyway. 
There are some things you can do and others can do to help you get over your baby blues as quickly as possible.
  • Get some rest- Let your partner take over while you are down and take a few naps throughout the day, relax and take a bit of time for yourself to recuperate which will make you a better Mammy.
  • Ask for help- Don’t be a martyr and allow people to help you, take the time that you need and it will pass. Let people make you all a dinner, let them do a grocery shop and allow them to take your baby for a walk. 
  • Keep visitors to a minimum- Don’t feel under pressure to have people over and entertain them while you feel like crying. If you prefer keep it at only close family for the first few days and give yourself some time to get back to normal. 
  • Cry if you want to- Let your emotions out and cry for an hour if it makes you feel better as no one is going to judge you for it. Be open with your partner about your feeling as he will want to help you and be there for you as you need him. 
  • Talk to a professional if things aren’t improving- If days have past and it is coming on for a few weeks and you are feeling deflated still, consider talking to your health nurse or a Doctor. In most cases it won’t come to this but be aware that you need to take care of yourself and your baby. 
The days will pass and soon you will be able to enjoy your tiny tot as you intended to.  

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