8 Things you should do during your baby’s first year.

It also goes by so incredibly fast

A child’s first year is very important and memorable for parents as every day your baby will astound you with their development. It also goes incredibly fast and this is why you should do a few things during your baby’s first year and here are just some ideas to help you along the way.
  • Keep a journal/diary- Sit down in the evening or once a week even and document your baby’s day or week, and put in your own thoughts too. It will be interesting for your child to read in the future and can be a lovely reminder of those beautiful first months together.
  • Let the little one sleep on your chest- We all know we aren’t supposed to let a baby sleep on us all the time as they may become too clingy, but honestly you need to relish these kind of cuddles. Your bundle will not stay small for long and soon the days when you could leave them on your chest snuggled in will be long gone and a toddler will be running about!
  • Take weekly photos of your baby- You don’t have to share it with social media just keep a weekly photo for your own records at home. It is amazing how at the time it will seem they changed very little but once they turn a year you will notice the massive progression of their size and looks.
  • Record your baby’s laughs and cries- Thanks to technology we are able to record memories and store them on our laptops, and it doesn’t get any better than first cries or laughs. You can also video them while they are learning to feed themselves, first tastes, first words and those first few steps all for future viewings for 18th birthday parties for example.
  • Create a memory box- Get a large shoe box and wrap it in some nice wrapping paper and fill it with stuff that means a lot to you and your baby. First hair curl, first shoes, scan photos, baby photos and favourite rattle can all be added in time and put away safely for your child to look at when they are older.
  • Travel while baby is small and compact- Some people say you are mad to travel abroad with a tiny baby, but honestly it is much easier than travelling with a toddler. Babies are compact and while they need a lot of stuff, they are always in your arms or a push chair and this makes it easy to keep a watchful eye on them.
  • Find a good babysitter- You may not be comfortable leaving your new baby with someone but find somebody you trust and who will care for your bundle like you do. Leaving your baby the odd time is vital for you and your partner so you can both get rests and enjoy time together alone and remember that you are still a couple and not just parents.
  • Have time for yourself- Don’t forget that you still need to look after yourself and have time to enjoy life away from your baby. That doesn’t make you a bad parent that just makes you human! We aren’t machines you know?!
Enjoy the first year with your little one x

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