4 Ingenious Gadgets to Make a New Parents Life Easier

These 4 affordable products are some of the cleverest devices out there.

A new baby is never easy, but luckily these days inventions are coming to the rescue with the development of new and useful gadgets - made simply to give us an easier life when it comes to a baby.
Parenting is difficult work, and these 4 affordable products are some of the cleverest devices out there.
Does your baby love to play with your iPhone but you're afraid he or she will damage themselves? In addition to creating free some clever “baby learning” apps, Fisher Price created a fun, playful and completely harm-proof case for your iPhone - so your baby can play with the phone and apps in total safety. Besides protecting the phone from drool, the case also covers the home button, so there is no danger of them answering a phone call or accessing other areas of your phone.
This little thing is the brain pregnancy robs you of. Especially in those early days just home from the hospital, when paranoia and sleep deprivation kick in. This device will keep help you keep on control of track of nappy changing, feeding and sleeping schedules and even has a nursing reminder. The clip on the back of the device makes it easy to attach it to your clothes, baby bag or purse, so you never miss an important reminder again.
Worried your baby might have a temperature? Simply pop this pacifier into your baby's mouth and the “Fever Glow” feature that lets parents know when their little one is running a temperature without having to disturb their baby at night.
Babies drop their soothers countless times over the course of a single day, and every time you have to pick it up and clean it- which can be tough if you are out and about. Here’s something clever - when your baby drops their soother a thin shields automatically close around the mouthpiece and protect it from the dirt when it hits the ground. Comes in many different adorable animal patterns too.


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