20 things that happen the first week after baby is born

We all expect the tiredness but what about all the other things 

You probably read all about what to expect when you are expecting during your pregnancy and what to expect the first year afterwards, but what to expect the first week is sometimes sugar coated to most new mummys! Sure we expect tiredness but what about all the other things in the first week with a newborn – here’s my list of what to expect...
Okay is sleep top of the list! No-one can prepare you for the sleep deprivation that hits you so hard. The first night is okay you are so in love and in awe but roll into the 4th night of baby wakening every two hours or not sleeping at all and you begin to the think “I will never sleep again”. You actually lose sense of what day, month, planet you are on!
  • Your little bundle of joy will no doubt sleep all day and refuse long sleep spells at night, this will sort itself out in time!
  • You will spend ages watching them sleep, making sure they are still breathing, trying to catch sight of movement as they sleep, because when newborns sleep they are scarily silent.
  • You will cry – hormones. It might be simply over no milk for your coffee
  • You will laugh and be bursting with happiness at this new little miracle you carried for 9 plus months.
  • You will row with your husband/partner over something, or blame them for something in relation to the baby (the classic did you wake the baby, I spent ages getting him to sleep!). . hormones and tiredness !
  • You will battle with feeding whether it’s getting used to breast feeding or finding the right formula, that doesn’t make baby sick or colicky.
  • You will watch random programmes at 3am in the morning and think back on the days when you would be watching random 3am programmes after falling in the door from a night out on the tiles!
  • You will fall in love and cuddle and kiss your newborn all day.
  • You will find a new best friend – coffee…your stable and reliable source of “get me through this day”!
  • You will learn what it is to eat cold food or learn how important the microwave is after all… because once baby wakens bye bye food
  • You will hide on some visitors.. of course you could be genuinely napping !
  • You will realise just how important your own mum is and you will develop a new type of appreciation and love towards her.
  • You will take your first post pregnancy shower in the comfort of your own home and realise how weird it is without your bump, the flabby belly is the oddest feeling in the first week.
  • Sleepless nights may be had but least you can sleep on your tummy again and sprawl out in comfort.
  • You will miss your bump especially if you enjoyed rubbing it at night and you will realise that those little hands and feet that pushed you are now right beside you.
  • You will stress and panic a lot over a lot- but mainly the realisation that wow you are responsible for this little human! You can’t call your mum to rescue you and save you!
  • Moses basket - will cause problems, most babies hate the separation from mummy. The little munchkins have no idea what’s going on after 9 months all cosy and snug inside you. Then you will worry is it too dark or too bright in the room, is it too cold or warm… this coincides with the whole issue of co-sleeping. When you are exhausted and desperate for some sleep ..I say whatever works for you and baby.
  • The first bath will be scary- they are so tiny and delicate but mummy’s grasp is strong.
  • You will develop baby brain.. bye bye normal brain! 
  • You will never get the first week back so treasure it, enjoy those cuddles and snuggles, cry with the exhaustion, laugh with the exhaustion and remember every week gets easier.
Thanks to Caroline for sending this to us. Caroline is an avid mummy reader of www.familyfriendlyhq.ie
Check out Caroline's Instagram page @eire_mummy and her blog eiremummy.wordpress.com

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