12 things I wish I had known before having a baby

Baby's first year is a huge learning curve

Before you had a baby you will have read a huge amount on how to be a great parent and how to look after your baby perfectly. Though a lot of it is trial and error once your baby’s first birthday is gone you will laugh about sweating the small stuff though it seemed so much bigger months ago. There are a lot of things parents learn along their baby’s journey and here are just a few of them.
  • Baby’s poop sticks to them like glue and no amount of wipes cleans that crap up so you finally had to give in and pop baby’s wriggling bum into the bath for a few seconds to wipe that gloop away!
  • Babies cry a lot, there is no need to elaborate further as you should understand they cry, go asleep and cry some more!
  • There is such a thing as projectile vomiting! Pre kids I assumed it was put on for cinematic effect however how wrong I was! It sprays everywhere and anywhere but mostly down along your leg just before you were due to leave the house.
  • You will love your partner more, you really will as he is the father of your baby and you will saviour the moments you have together.
  • You will also dislike your partner (just for a little while!), especially at 3am when your baby won’t sleep and your partner is snoring away to his heart’s content! 
  • It is perfectly acceptable to keep up good personal hygiene by way of baby wipes for a few days if one doesn’t get time to bathe…perfectly acceptable!
  • Google is the master and your lifeline at times because who else is going to answer why baby had a green poo at 2am? Google of course! 
  • It is ok to leave your baby with a person you trust so you can take a rest and a little nap because no one needs to be a martyr you are only human ok?!
  • If you are making a meal it is best to do double or treble and freeze it for the busy days when the little one won’t settle and you are living off baby rice pudding!
  • You will cry about everything especially anything to do with kids as your love for your small tiny one has opened up a new found emotional part of you that you never knew existed!
  • You will be jealous of friends but also totally content because while your friends may be hanging out and sipping cocktails you made this little person. Of course you will wish you could dress up and hit the town but in reality you are just so happy to cuddle up with your new family.
  • You will argue with your partner though they won’t be big major arguments it will be mainly because you are both exhausted and you always take it out on the ones closest to you. 

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