11 Things Never to Say to the Parent of Newborn

Warning: Sarcasm in bucket loads in this blog!

Warning: Sarcasm in bucket loads in this blog!
My best friend has just had a baby and we got to talking about some of the bizarre things that people say to you once you’ve had your baby. It took be back to my post-delivery days and weeks and the comments and observations some people made. Sometimes people who don't know you well are just grasping at straws for what to talk about, and sometimes people who don’t have kids lack the empathy required and sometimes it’s those that do have children that surprise you the most!
So as a service to newbie parents everywhere, consider this a guide to help what not to say to new parents who are in the middle of trying to figure out life with a newborn!
#1 “Your baby is so pretty! She doesn’t look anything like you…”
Eh thanks! What are you implying here?
#2  “She’s so fat!”
Ever heard of the expression baby fat. They are a baby. They don’t move around much and they need to eat, because they are a baby.
#3  “It’s” so little!
Never at any stage feel it’s ok to comment on a kids privates – ever!
#4  “He’s so cute”
And it’s a girl! Ok so I’ve been caught out on this one, so I’m including it more for fun! Unless baba is dressed in pink or blue it’s easily done!
#5 “He/ She’s crying? They must be hungry.”
Really! Sherlock? Chances are high that baby has just been fed 10 minutes ago for the fourth time today.
#6 “Are you worried about him/her using a soother?”
I spend hours of every day pondering about my baby going off to senior school with a ‘dodie’ still glued to his mouth.
#7 “When are you due?”
It’s never wise to ask a woman if she’s pregnant unless she tells you! It can be pretty awkward if she’s not!
#8 "Are you getting much sleep?"
Before you ask the question. What do you think? The answer is pretty much always the same. Parents of newborns generally walk around like extras in the show, The Walking Dead.
#9 "Are they sleeping through the night yet?"
Of coarse they are at 2 weeks old.
#10 "I have a puppy, so I know exactly how you feel."
I kid you not, this was said to me!
#11 "When are you having the next one?"
And the prize for the worst question goes to.... This has to be the most annoying one ever!
Yes, while with a two week old baby in my arms, this is awfully tempting, we will hold off making that decision just for now.
Any others?

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