10 things you need to know about posed newborn photography

A newborn session can be and should be a memorable and enjoyable experience for all involved, and it is important your baby is safe and content at all times.

Newborn photography is very unique; a newborn photographer not only has to capture stunning images but they also need to be a great baby whisperer!
A newborn session can be and should be a memorable and enjoyable experience for the parents as well, and it is important your baby is safe and content at all times.
Here are a few things to know, if you are considering posed newborn photography

1. An important time frame
Did you know newborn babies are best photographed in the first two weeks? As we know, newborn babies sleep a lot! This is how we capture beautiful sleepy and curly images. We delicately pose your newborn baby while they are asleep and content. In the first two weeks, they still curl up into poses similar to when they were in the womb. After the first 14 days, babies become more alert and aware of their surroundings, they also enjoy stretching out rather than wanting to be curled up so some poses become difficult to attempt.
2. When to book your newborn session
As we have such a short timeframe to photograph your baby, it is best to book during your pregnancy. If you wait until Baby is born your photographer may not have any availability immediately and you might miss out on your newborn photos.
Parents often ask how they can book a session before the baby arrives as they can’t be sure of the arrival date! A booking would be made based on your due date. Then, when the baby arrives it is best to get in contact with your photographer as soon as possible to confirm a date.
Don’t worry if Baby arrives a little late or early. We know that babies arrive when they are ready and we plan our bookings in such a way to make sure we have availability for your baby when he arrives.
3. A cosy environment
When you enter a newborn photography studio expect it to be nice and warm! The studio is always kept at a comfortable temperature to ensure your baby is content, even when wearing very little. The temperature of the room will also help to keep your little one asleep.
4. Beautiful newborn photographs take time!
You should also be prepared to spend a long time in the studio! Posed newborn photography requires a lot of time and patience - sessions can last up to four hours. It’s important to allow plenty of time for feeds and cuddles and to go at your baby’s pace. Sometimes babies are not in the mood for sleep or have a little reflux so it can take longer to settle them. A newborn photographer will generally spend much more time soothing and settling your baby than actually taking photographs! One pose can sometimes take up to 30 minutes if the baby is not quite settled.
Most newborn photographers will have comfortable seating for parents and refreshments so that you can just relax and enjoy the experience - it’s a great chance to rest a little!

5. White noise
You may have already heard of white noise or even tried it at home by the time you come in for your session. You will definitely hear it in my studio and I would say in any newborn photographer’s studio! It’s a true best friend when it comes to keeping babies content and relaxed during the session.
6. Accidents happen!
During most of the session, your baby will be wearing just a nappy under wraps or nothing at all for some poses. As expected when that nappy comes off accidents can happen! It’s nothing to worry about, newborn photographers are well used to it and all props and blankets get washed after every session. 
7. Wondering what you will need to bring or what baby will wear?
For posed newborn photography beautiful wraps and props are available for your baby so you won’t need to bring any extra outfits.
I always recommend bringing a dummy even if your baby is not currently using one, it can be a huge help in getting your baby settled and achieve the poses we want. If you are bottle feeding also bring lots of milk with you, you can expect Baby to feed a little more than usual during the session.

8. Session styling
A huge part of newborn photography and one I personally love is styling the session. I enjoy carefully selecting delicate props to create beautiful and unique set-ups for your baby’s photographs. This is also something that sets each newborn photographer apart, we all style our sessions and select our props to our personal taste.
9. Choosing the right photographer for you
There are a few things to consider when choosing a newborn photographer.
Firstly and most importantly, make sure that your photographer has experience working with newborn babies. Safety is always the priority when working with tiny humans, so do make sure that your photographer knows how to safely pose your baby. Don’t hesitate to ask your photographer lots of questions before your session.
Secondly, the style of photography is also a big deciding factor of course as I talked about previously. Each photographer has a different style. You need to be happy with the style of the photographer you choose.
You will also find photographers that offer lifestyle photography which is very different to posed newborn photography, it’s a more candid style with very little use of props.
Finally, where is the photographer’s studio? Will you have to travel far from home, do they have a comfortable studio, is it easy to access, etc
The final result:
A lot of care is taken when editing your images after your session. You might notice that in professional newborn photos babies have beautiful creamy skin but truly newborn babies often have red blotchy skin, flaky skin and sometimes baby acne. Colour balance and editing are done in post-production to achieve those perfect images.
Morgan Bonel is a Newborn, Maternity and Baby photographer based in Sligo. As an experienced newborn photographer and a mother herself, Morgan will know how to make you feel comfortable and relaxed during your session and offer you a truly memorable experience to remember. She works out of her studio in the beautiful Kevinsfort House in Sligo. Contact: [email protected]  /  0894304082.

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