10 reasons why babies are easier than toddlers

Babies might not be as hard work as you might think.

Everyone talks about how hard it is when you have a new-born and how the first few months are tough. However there is such an emphasis on this stage that people forget when they get a little bigger they turn into toddlers and that is when the real hard work begins. We really love our toddlers here in Family Friendly HQ but they give us a run for their money Read on to see why… 
Babies are small and compact- Toddlers are bigger, stronger and well able to squirm which can be a messy mix when you are trying to put a tot into the car with a trolley load of shopping. Sweaty Mum is not a good look at all. 
Babies don’t feel the need to “help” with everything- Toddlers are so eager to learn and often just want to help you but try as they might they just can’t fold the clothes properly and feeding the pets means they are now overweight. 
Babies take naps- A toddler will only nap if they have being up all night wailing and are now wrecked, otherwise they will be on the go all day and every day. No cuppa in peace and no catching up on your T.V show with these little tots around.
Babies don’t care if you watch Sky news- However toddlers love T.V and all the really annoying kid’s shows that are on, granted it keeps them occupied but sometimes you might want to catch up on the News but toddler says “No”. 
Babies do not demand treats and certain toys- Enjoy the days when a baby is happy with a bit of milk and a liga because once they are a little older they realise what a chocolate bar is! As for toys no matter how many they have they will want more and more, and will do anything to get them!
Babies don’t have teeth- Yet toddlers do and they will use them not only for eating but for biting too, so now you have to get firm with your nipper and tell them biting is wrong. 
Babies don’t climb, fall and scream the house down- Young kids think that anything is fair game when it comes to climbing, they have legs and boy are they going to use them. Don’t be surprised to find your kid on the kitchen counters, on the dining table or hanging from the curtain rails and when they fall be prepared for some serious screaming.
Babies can’t run and throw fits when you say “No”- These little one’s are going to push boundaries and if you say “No” it will cause your tot to turn from a doey eyed little mite to a grizzly bear. It will amaze you how strong these tiny tots are when you are trying to peel them off the floor praying no one sees the struggle. 
Babies let you feed them- Whereas toddlers like to do everything themselves and make a mighty mess smearing grub all over the place. Of course the only thing they won’t do themselves is clean their faces and this will cause a meltdown.
Babies will let you change their bums- You will have to chase down your kiddie and pin them down to get the dirty nappy off them, as they don’t care if it is hanging off them. Legs will be kicking and poop may get everywhere it isn’t meant to be but it is all part of the fun!
Babies are way easier than toddlers so savour the moments and don’t wish the days away as each one is sacred (even the toddler days).  X 


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