The Best Books To Help Boys Learn About Puberty

An informative book is a great way to help a young boy learn about puberty. 

Puberty is such a huge milestone for a young person to experience. It challenges their perception of self in many ways as their physical and emotional being undergoes a huge amount of change in such a short space of time.
Being prepared for that change can make a huge difference for a number of reasons. When it comes to the way a person’s body physically changes during puberty it might be a little bit shocking if it is unexpected.
For this reason, there is a fear that this young person may feel as though there is something different about them. They may feel that something is wrong. This is especially true in cases where a young person begins puberty at a much earlier or later stage than some of their peers (or even siblings).
The onset of puberty for girls tends to be somewhere between ten and thirteen years of age. Naturally, there are always exceptions and many girls will start as early as eight or nine which can be quite a shock for the individual and their family members.
Boys usually start puberty a little later though. It is expected that in the majority of cases puberty will occur between the age of eleven and sixteen for a young boy. For this reason, it may be necessary to approach the topics a little differently when it comes to explaining the facts of puberty to boys and girls.

An informative book is a great way to help a young boy learn about puberty. It allows them the privacy to explore it on their own terms and in their own way which can instil a sense of independence. It is also a tangible “guide” that can be consulted time and time again.

If you are looking for some great books, these come highly recommended.

1. What’s Happening To Me?
This book, which is published by Usborne Publishing Ltd is about €9.99 and contains invaluable details to help young boys understand puberty. It has a funny text and bright illustrations and is recommended for young boys who are 8+ years.
2. Guide To Dealing With The Tricky Stuff by Dr Christian
You may recognize Dr Christian from TV shows such as “embarrassing bodies”. He is a well-respected doctor and celebrity. This book explores puberty for both boys and girls which can be really helpful in terms of boys understanding the differences that can and will occur for both genders. He touches on sexuality, emotional health and body image as well as including some helpful aids for parents. This retails at about €12.
3. Secret Boys Business
This book explores all things puberty in a sensitive but open manner. The language is simple and the illustrations are fun which makes it an attractive read for young people. There is a focus on enhancing self-esteem and celebrating the changes that occur in a male’s body which makes it an empowering experience to explore this book. This resource is recommended for 11+ year olds and retails at €15.

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